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Personal Trainers Partnership Programme

FitChef would love to work with personal trainers!

- Who are serious about achieving excellent and long-term weight loss results for clients
- Who want to make extra money with FitChef cash-back payments
- Who would like to use FitChef convenient nutrition for personal use to keep in shape and live a healthy convenient lifestyle
- Who recognise FitChef as the leading food company for convenient real whole food solutions
- Who understand the importance of convenience in a modern busy and rushed lifestyle.

FitChef knows that ALL diets fail for one main reason… you don’t have enough great food available NOW and you eat junk and derail weeks of hard work.

Are YOU serious about living the FitChef Lifestyle yourself?
We are looking for personal trainers who believe in the FitChef products - not only for customers but for your personal usage. Personal trainers who realise the benefit of a convenient lifestyle without additives and artificial food ingredients.

How do you sign up?
1. Please email [email protected] the following details:    
  - Name and Surname
  - Contact details
  - Where you work?
  - A short BIO about you
  - Your specialities
  - 1-5 images

2. Create an account on FitChef with your personal name.
3. We will arrange a lunch date with you and will provide more information.

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