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Why do most diets fail?
Most people jump from diet to diet, fad to fad looking for the next best thing because the last diet failed. So why do diets fail so often? … well it turns out that it’s not because most diets are bad (after all they did work for someone), there are other logical reasons.

Reason 1: Most diets fail because you don’t have good food available right now and you get hungry, lose focus, energy and willpower and you end up eating high-carb refined sugary junk and wham… it’s goodbye goals.

Reason 2: If your diets eating style doesn’t fit your lifestyle then it will fail, for example, if you need to eat every 90 mins and you spend all day in meetings you’ll end up missing eating slots and get hungry, lose focus, energy and willpower and end up eating high carb refined sugary junk. Eating must be convenient.

Reason 3: Change. The world is continually changing. Every 3 months we have a small seasonal change and every 6 months a major seasonal shift. Your mind, body, lifestyle, cravings, workload and stress levels shift naturally too and what suited you a few months ago may not suit you now. Be aware that the goal stays the same, you want to be healthy, but the strategy requires constant tweaks. Like driving a car on a highway, you must make hundreds of small adjustments every journey to stay on track.

Reason 4: Most people don’t realise that REAL healthy food requires a large time investment and planning. You have to drive, shop, prepare, cook and clean up. Real food doesn’t last for long if it’s out of the fridge and it has an expiry date. It’s unlikely that you can walk into most stores, restaurants or canteens and just find quality food with the right ingredients to support you, without all the added artificial man-made chemicals and sugar. The reason FitChef became so popular is that we make healthy eating convenient. It’s almost impossible to fail if you have a stock of really good ready-to-eat meals that can be heated in 5 mins.

It’s best just to admit that life is always going to be hectic. So plan ahead and make healthy eating convenient by stocking up on FitChef.

Reason 5: Let’s finish off with an important question.
How many meals do you eat a month? Well, on average people eat 93 meals, plus 30-60 snacks and 30-90 drinks. To eat successfully it’s important to plan ahead so that 70-80% of your meals are healthy. That’s 65-74 meals a month that should be ultra-healthy.
Are you prepared enough to eat healthy, even in the busiest months?

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