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Couples Challenge Packages
Looking for a fun and motivating way to a healthy lifestyle free of junk? Share the FitChef experience with someone and get great discounts. Challenge your best friend, roommate or partner to take on the FitChef 21 Day Couples Challenge and get your healthy pre-cooked meals delivered.

It’s the eating plan to help you lose weight, gain energy and feel awesome. “Today is exactly two weeks since my husband and I started the 21 Day Challenge,” says Madelain Roscher. “I’m exactly 5kgs down! He’s lost 4,7kg (with regular cheating!) and no exercise. The food is really tasty so there’s no need to want a cheat-meal.”

It really is that easy to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Simply add FitChef’s pre-cooked meals + fresh weight loss smoothies + easy eating plan + fast delivery. There are so many options to choose from, but our famous 21-Day Challenge is ideal as a couples food challenge. The kit contains 54 meals and 44 smoothies to kickstart your journey.

Check out these options if you’re ready to share a new eating plan with someone you love:

1 Month Challenge - BEST RESULTS - COUPLES KIT
1 Month – BEST VALUE – COUPLES KIT – 2 meals + 2 smoothie/day (5 days/week)

21 Day Challenge - COUPLES CHALLENGE
21 Day Couples Challenge – BEST RESULTS
21 Day – BEST VALUE – COUPLES KIT – 2 meals + 2 smoothie/day (5 days/week)

One of our customers, Josh Vt, tells it like it is: “I’m a big guy and find their portions just right, tasty and convenient. It’s great to eat healthy non-processed food at what really are good prices.” And he adds, “
Very happy to continue with their excellent service.”

FitChef’s EatClean ethos is all about getting back to basics and living a healthy lifestyle without preservatives or man-made chemicals, no added or artificial sugars, quality grass-fed meats. Best of all there’s no junk and it saves you time because you don’t need to shop for lists of ingredients or spend hours cooking. FitChef’s pre-cooked meals provide the most delicious and nutrient-dense whole foods in the most convenient way to create a lifestyle for busy people and families.

 If you’re looking for an eating plan that’s just right for you, take a look at what Sean Young has to say about what we do best: “I must say that I’m so impressed by the quality of the food, packaging, service… everything. With such awesome convenience and value, it’s a viable option to use on an on-going basis for a single person like me. I’ll be ordering every month from now on.”

Kick start your #LiveClean healthy lifestyle today with FitChef’s EatClean meals and weight loss smoothies, your future self will thank you.

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