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21 Day Challenge


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FitChef's vision is to be the world's leading REAL food solutions company.

We've put a lot of thought into our food, healthy eating and dieting. To avoid diet confusion just focus on eating REAL food with WHOLE FOOD ingredients. Our #EatClean ethos is very strict and you will certainly feel and notice the difference.

We supply ALL YOU NEED = Food + Smoothies + Meal Plan + Delivery. 
There are many options but our BEST RESULTS Kits are Famous and the BEST VALUE kits make it very extremely affordable to #EatClean. 

Delivery at home or work
Gauteng / KZN / BLOEM / POTCH / CAPE TOWN & Surrounding Areas / PE / Witbank and more
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How much freezer space to do I need?
Clear your freezer, 1 shelf/drawer for every week of food and smoothies. We do support split deliveries in Gauteng and Cape Town if your freezer isn't big enough.

FitChef Reviews

Review: Ian Hall
"That's my first 21 day challenge complete with the second one in the freezer ready to go
6 kilo lost in first 21 days, great food great taste great service, provided you stick with it with no cheating you are guaranteed the result you want I have a very sweet tooth and all my cravings for sugar are gone this re sets your taste buds long may it continue."

Review: Laura Marais
"So easy, so healthy, so convenient. Takes the stress and guess work out of shopping and meal prep. 
I quit smoking a few months ago and picked up a few kilos, FitChef has helped so much with weight loss and staying on the right track. I also find that I am saving so much money because I never go into Woolworths anymore and waste money and buy unhealthy food. Really super chuffed and impressed. Thanks so much FitChef!"