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Our veggie, fruit and superfood ready-to-drink smoothies are the best alternative to unhealthy snacking between meals. We also offer luxury ready-to-blend smoothies as a convenient alternative so that you can make your own at home.

Almost all food has loads of added sugars & added refined starches and carbs. Reset your taste buds in a week and you will enjoy good food as much as you thought you loved the junk. Thousands of people have realised that. Having good health is the mark of true wealth! It’s time to invest in yourself and learn to drink clean with FitChef. We are really excited to launch our Loyalty club. Register now and sign up for recurring deliveries today!

FitChef has office in JHB and Cape Town, we deliver to most major cities. We will always confirm delivery dates and notify you via SMS, email and/or phone. You can expect 2-8 days delivery time. Your meals are delivered in insulated boxes so that they remain frozen for many hours, which means we can deliver to your work if that is most convenient for you. Or collect from our offices. See all delivery areas here >

Review: Nicolette Tilley
"From the get go it was such a pleasure dealing with FitChef, they really do care, about you and your health. Received my package today and straight away my 3yr old was interested in the brightly coloured smoothies. 2hrs in and she's polished off two. As a mom, my heart is bursting knowing she's getting in all these amazing nutrients. Thanks, Guys, really a big well-done and cannot wait to order more!"

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