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The world's most efficient cooking course -SEE THE VIDEO BELOW.
The FitChef Extreme Cooking Course
Learn to cook 55 meals in 2 hours. You actually get to cook them and take the meals home to freeze.
Join us for an incredibly fun, high-energy evening (for both experienced and inexperienced chefs)... it's a great social and learning experience, perfect for groups of friends. (Full bar available as wine and cooking go hand-in-hand).

Review by Imka Webb: "We absolutely LOVED the FitChef Extreme Cooking Course. It was a fun, informative evening where we learnt how to cook healthy food fast! Each team received a guideline booklet with recipes and all of the ingredients we needed for all of dishes. We spent the evening cooking deliciously healthy meals and in under 3 hours, our team of two cooked (and packed) 50 meals! We got to take home the meals afterwards and now I don't have to cook for at least a month! WINNING! I highly recommend doing a course if you don't have much time to cook, but you still want good, healthy food every day! Take a permanent marker with you to mark each dish before you pack it in your box."

The course will last about three hours with additional chatting, demo’s and questions. You will learn how easy it is to cook great health delicious meals. People tend to go at their own pace during the evening, but once all meals are packed you are free to leave, ask questions or take more selfies. It’s a great experience that will change your life and leave you energised!

Each meal is great for low carb, Mediterranean, banting and paleo eating styles. You’ll discover food that is healthy NOT boring). Take home 50-60 cooked meals, shopping lists and our FitChef Action Cards, which are perfect for kitchen-virgins and more experienced cooks. Best of all you get to take home the meals you cook on the evening to kick start your new lifestyle.

We promise it will be the most nutritious cooking course you can ever do and an investment in your health.

We make eating choices because of convenience. FitChef will teach you the most effective way to cook amazing meals quickly. Imagine a freezer full of delicious home cooked meals, no wasted time, being able to avoid the shopping queues, no need to live on bread and junk, way less washing up and best of all learning to #EatClean!

Life is always hectic, too often you neglect the most important part of your life: your food, your fuel to power health, energy and focus.

Cost per team is R3400.00 (Team can consist of 1, 2, 3 members)

Cooking Course Dates
Gauteng – 2019
1 Feb - 5:30pm for 6:00pm

How to book
Email: [email protected]
We will send you the EFT details and invoice.
Please the names and email addresses of everyone in your team.

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