Return/Refund Policy

Our return & refund policy is limited to defective products/packaging for individual products, not whole kits.

If you are unsure about purchasing a kit, consider purchasing individual items or a 1-week kit from our online store to test the flavours and food style.

For returns and refunds of individual products, we will do our absolute best to make this process as seamless as possible.

We reserve the right to replace only those products delivered on the previous/last order provided that the delivery of goods took place in the last 5 days.

Send an email to [email protected] within 5 days of the date of delivery.

In the email, provide your order details and state the nature of the defect. 

Attach snapshots/ a clear photo of the production date/batch number(s) /expiry date of each meal that you are reporting as defective. The batch number/ expiry date is found on the side of the black plastic meal container on a small white sticker.

You may return the products to one of our branches (JHB or Cape Town). 

If we agree to a collection from your premises, the cost of that trip may be deducted from any refund that may be due to you. 

Upon return of the goods to our warehouse, the items will be inspected in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations.

No refunds shall be given if any meals are deemed unfit for a return, this includes those meals that show signs of being opened, thawed and refrozen (i.e. due to load shedding).

Please note that there may be a handling fee levied and that amount shall be deducted from any refund that may be due.

Thank you for understanding that we require the goods in their original, undamaged packaging and still in a frozen state.

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