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Please read about the NEW FitChef + PLATE services, before shopping.

We believe your health is an essential goal and we all need to plan ahead to be healthy… most commercial foods are full of fake.

FitChef is no ordinary food company… we want to see you succeed!

We’re REAL FOOD SPECIALISTS who make it extremely easy to achieve your 80/20*
*70-80% healthy food without additives. 20-30% treats and less strict foods.

We’re hardcore about exceptional service, which is why our TrustPilot reviews are so good. South Africans deserve service!

We also support flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan 
(with these quality ranges growing all the time).

Healthier living is affordable (Loyalty Club) and very convenient (Recurring Orders) with many ranges to cover all your needs: 
• EatClean Range. 
Our flagship range – we’re very proud of our ingredients.
Delicious food to protect and upgrade health, and weight management. No one else comes close to our scientifically backed EatClean ingredient choices and cooking methods (e.g. No added sugar, real ingredients, olive oil, high fibre, variety of ingredients, portion-controlled, nutrient-dense, no flour-based sauces, no added preservatives or additives, salt quality and quantity, old fashioned cooking techniques, free-range, grass-fed… you will feel the difference). See the About menu for all the details.

• PLATE Range (was Cravings). 
Healthier bigger portion meals. 
High-quality meals that everyone can enjoy. 

• Restaurant-in Range. 
Very high-quality Restaurant-Style Home-Dining, with larger family portions (e.g. 640g). Add your own side or eat as is. Amazing food.

• EasyCook Sauces. 
Our strict but extremely delicious sauce range for pastas, with meats, in recipes, pizza topping, on toast or sandwiches etc.
Clean ingredients, no added sugars, additives or preservatives.
(Tip, if you need more sweetness, add some honey)

• Strict-KETO (LCHF). 
The strictest 75% Fat | 20% Protein | 5% Carb range for people wanting to become fat-adapted before moving to a more moderate Mediterranean or lower carb (high-quality carb) or moderate keto lifestyle.

• Snacks Range 
A great range of healthier and convenient snacks.

• Sweet Tooth Range. 
As part of our PLATE MENU range, we have a few puddings for your convenience.

• Drinks, Smoothies & Juices. 
Many incredible blended smoothies, drinks and juices (Note: we always recommend limiting, diluting and mindfully using juices. While the sugar is from real fruits and veg, we all need to manage sugar in this modern sweetened world. Parents, please dilute and limit!).

• Ready-to-blend smoothies. 
Frozen real ingredient smoothies… pour into your blender, add water, milk, proteins, and milk alternative and drink a well balanced professional-quality smoothie at home)

• BULK-SAVE Range.
Meats and other products coming soon… do a bulk purchase and save.

• Groceries: Bakery, Butchery, Dairy, Cereals, sourdough pizza…
We can supply everything you need. Almost 100% of your need with a healthier upgrade. From 60-hour sourdough breads, sourdough pizza bases, breakfast cereals and muesli.

• Kits. 
Unsure, start with a prebuilt kick-start kit.

Unsure where to start? 
(we know our website is a bit busy, we're working on that)
Start with a 21-day, 1-month or Couples-Kit, then next month join our Loyalty Club and create a recurring order (Don’t only order your favourites, even get the vegetarian meal, your body needs the diversity of all the fibres and nutrients.

A final thought before you shop.

Please join the FitChef Family… we’ll look after your health by ensuring you eat enough healthy foods conveniently. We eat around 93 meals a month, plus snacks… so plan to make most (70-80%) of your ingredients healthy and healthier by prioritizing real food and avoiding additives and added sugar. 
Earn your treats :-).

You are your biggest investment, health is the goal!

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Delivery Fees, Dates and Frequency

Some areas have monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or daily deliveries.

*Please note the order cut-off dates for outlying areas as well as the delivery fees

Daily Delivery Areas

Monday - Friday | 09h00 - 16h00 | home or office 

  • Gauteng  (lead time 2 - 5 working days)
  • Western Cape (lead time 2 - 5 working days)
  • KwaZulu Natal (lead time 2 - 8 working days) Delivery on Wed, Thurs and Friday.
  • North West (lead time 2 - 8 working days)

Bi-Monthly Delivery Areas

Eastern Cape next delivery dates:

  • Port Elizabeth:  11 Aug
  • George:               11 Aug
  • East London:     16 Aug

Download Eastern Cape Delivery Dates For 2022 

Once-Monthly Delivery Areas 2022


    August 2022

  • Secunda /Witbank /Middelburg: Mon 1st Aug
  • Polokwane: Mon 8th Aug
  • Bloemfontein: Mon 15th Aug
  • Nelspruit / White River: Mon 22nd Aug 

        September 2022

  • Secunda /Witbank /Middelburg: Mon 5th September
  • Polokwane: Mon 12th September
  • Bloemfontein: Mon 19th September
  • Nelspruit / White River: Mon 26nd September

Delivery Fees

Note: The minimum cart value to qualify for delivery - R350.00

A delivery fee is applied depending on the total value of your cart:

- Once-off orders over the value of R 4500.00 - free delivery 

- Recurring orders over the value of R 2000.00 - free delivery 

- VIP Loyalty club - free delivery

- Lifestyle Loyalty Club - cheaper delivery 

  • Gauteng: R92.65
  • North West: R173.65
  • Kwazulu-Natal: R173.65
  • Vaal Triangle: R173.65
  • Secunda: R173.65
  • Witbank/Middelburg: R173.65
  • Polokwane: R173.65
  • Bloemfontein: R173.65
  • Nelspruit/White River: R173.65
  • Cape Town: R92.65
  • CT Surrounding Areas: R123.65
  • Cape Outlying Areas: R173.65
  • Eastern Cape Areas: R313.65

  • "Split" orders: only in areas where kits can be split - Gauteng, KZN, Cape Metro areas.
    A delivery fee is payable for the second delivery (except for Loyalty VIP members)
Please liaise with our excellent Customer Care Team
Email: [email protected] 
Telephone: (011) 791 5802
WhatsApp Text-Only: 081 351 6497

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