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Live your REAL life with FitChef. We change lives every day with our strict EatClean Ethos. No one else is as obsessed with real food ingredients without artificial additives and highly refined ingredients as we are. Real food makes all the difference when it comes to living optimally.  You are what you eat!

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FitChef provides the most delicious, healthy and conveniently balanced solution to succeed no matter how busy the year becomes. Our #EatClean ethos sets us apart from all other food companies as we aim to be the World's leading real food solutions company.  It’s good to know there is food available without preservatives, no man-made chemicals and no added or artificial sugars.

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For your convenience, we have created amazing packages to meet your lifestyle, weight, health goals. If you aren't sure where to start then go for our most popular 21-day BEST Results (Phase 1) challenge.

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FitChef food, smoothies, juices, shooters, snacks and breakfasts are all extremely tasty and healthy. We only use whole food ingredients as close to natures version as possible. You will feel and see the difference on FitChef food. Great food without any artificial, highly refined or chemical additives. REAL FOOD!

FitChef is the leader in convenient full-flavour healthy nutrition.
All diets fail for main ONE reason, you don't have enough good food available now and you eat junk.


The Exercise Myth: Exercise won't make you thin!
Too many people think that exercise alone will make you thin, it won’t! Weight loss is certainly 80-90% about what you eat and 10-20% exercise. While exercise does certainly help, you need to focus on one critical aspect ‘eating good quality calories’. Most people store fat mainly because we eat the wrong kind of calories (refined high carb food, that lacks fibre and is made with low-nutrient white flours, thickeners and added sugars).

You can’t out train a bad diet. Many fit athletes are still overweight despite training 6 days a week. Just look around at gym or see the starting line at many big running, cycling or triathlon events. Other factors that can affect weight loss are sleep quality, stress, your emotional state, your thyroid, adrenals and your health. Always aim to eat for health first, be consistent and plan ahead to ensure you have good food (as it takes longer to prepare and goes off quickly).

To sum up:
  • Food selection is critical to achieving your goal weight. Eat a lot of vegetables, eat the rainbow but try to get more green veg for optimal results. 
  • Exercise is important but don't believe the "calories in vs calories out" myth. Only eat quality complex calories from real whole food, not calories from added sugar, white bread, flour, oil and fats and certainly don’t drink sugary soft drinks. 


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