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Daily Reviews June 2021

Your health is at risk
from additives & bad ingredients
in 99% of commercial food.
EatClean protects you from additives,
ensures you get nutrient-rich ingredients
and better cooking techniques.
Marilyn - Tues 2 June 2021 -  

 It's a really convenient, cost-effective and... 

I came across Fitchef several years ago after I'd had surgery on my knee and was unable to stand and cook.
I was absolutely delighted at the variety and quality of their meals.
Today, while I am quite capable of cooking again,
I could never match the tasty variety Fitchef provides.
I also save a fortune on wastage (none); electricity (hardly any in warming the food); washing up (only a fork)...

 it's a really convenient, cost-effective and healthy option for me.

Sendur - Thurs 27 May 2021 - 

Great service from my first interaction to after purchasing the product.

Veronica - Tues 25 May 2021 -  
I wish I had done this years ago. 
I feel that I have solved 80% of my dietary problems with Fitchef.

For starters I really don't like cooking for one, and secondly would rather eat toast.
But Fitchef meals are fantastic (except the Cautage pie which is a bit bland for my taste).
And easy. And emotionally and physically satisfying.
I SAVED money on groceries for the month that I used it - just had to buy milk and coffee.
I love it, and am setting up my recurring payment and delivery.
 I wish I had done this years ago. 

Jay - Thurs 20 May 2021 - Excellent
Tons of choice, reasonably priced, exceptionally tasty and easy to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle

Vivienne Wed 19 May - I just wanted to share my results with…

I just wanted to share my results with you after doing the 4 day detox and cleanse.
I have polyglandular autoimmune syndrome type 2.
One of the illnesses included is hashimotos and if you have a thyroid problem
you know how it affects weight and stomach problems.
Dr's could not sort it out, even after giving me prep for colonoscopy
and gastroscopy and being hospitalized for 5 days. I literally looked and felt 9 months pregnant.

WHAT A Difference after detox juice and cleanse, my stomach is more than 3/4 down!!!
I feel so much better.
I'm now keeping it in place with your gluten free budget option,
 and switching to anti inflammatory option in June.
I'm hoping I can now start losing some weight.

Chloe Fri 14 May 2021 -  My husband and I are both still on the…

My husband and I are both still on the road to getting fitter and healthier.
Both of us were struggling to stay on track, prep healthy foods and remain accountable on tough days
(Especially with a 2 month old baby and a 2 and a half year old).
We signed up for the 21 day couples best results and it's the best thing we have done,
meals are delicious and after only 2 weeks we have both lost about 5kgs already, only 15 more to go,
so we have signed up for a recurring order as we know this is the path for us to reach our goals.

No mess, no fuss, no waste and no excuses...
Friendly and efficient service...
You won't be disappointed!

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