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We’ve got a special deal for you! This is the perfect time to rev up your health regime, so that by August you’ll be feeling energized and ready for the beach. Make sure you hit the gym, nail that bikini body, or just feel good about eating clean. Either way, FitChef will help you keep on track with our selected 21 Day Challenges on SALE NOW through May 19th at a special rate of 18% OFF. Shop HERE >>

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What a fantastic way to get you looking radiant and healthy for your Big Day.

Every couple wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day- Get started by stocking your freezer with our healthy and tasty meals, giving you all of the goodness your body needs, while cutting out the unhealthy choices that are holding you back.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about your health and wellness; Let us help you to free up time, strengthen your immune system, and increase your energy and focus so you can concentrate on those last-minute details that will make your Wedding day so memorable.

We’ve also added some delightful chocolate treats because it’s not just about getting healthy, it’s also about having fun while working on your Honeymoon figure! 

Your choices are:

  • 1 Month Best Results 
    • Commit to the easiest healthy eating month ever with our ready-made meals, smoothies, and snacks while building up your immune system for the big day with our delicious Booster shots; include your Partner with our Couples version so you both can look your very best on your wedding day. We’ve also included some fun with our delicious chocolate Lovebite and Sexbomb treats because what isn’t made better with chocolate?!
  • 1 Month Budget kit
    • For a smaller version without breakfast, great for your fasting mornings or if you make your own breakfast. We also have a Couples version for both of you to enjoy. Build up your immune system for your big day with our delicious Booster shots and have some fun with our delicious Lovebite and Sexbomb chocolate treats for a more playful experience.
  • 1 Month [email protected]
    • If you battle to eat healthy at work, this is the kit for you! One healthy meal and one smoothie for lunch make it easier to keep on track for your big day. Get your Partner involved with our [email protected] Couples kit. To help build up your immune system and battle the Big Day stress, we’ve included our delicious Booster shots and our delicious lovebite and Sexbomb chocolate treats make for a more playful experience.

If you had quality food at home and the office you’d certainly eat it. So let’s stock your freezer with real food, high-quality ingredients, full-flavour enjoyment, nutrient-dense meals and a large meal selection. Strictly NO preservatives, additives, added sugar, artificial or ultra-refined ingredients. 

Get to experience real food and real results, reach your goals keep your goals. 

FitChef - The easiest and most effective way to kick-start a healthy body and brain, start an eating routine you can easily maintain and enjoy for years. Just get started and be the best version of yourself for your other half on your special day.

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