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Burger Kits - Guilt-Free

Looking to make burgers at home with a real difference... Guilt-free burgers!

Only the best 60-hour fermented sourdough bread rolls and burgers made with lean mince from grass-fed beef or 100% free-range chicken strips, and the best tastiest clean toppings that you can find. 

Then go no further. Order and enjoy!

Sourdough bread is a great alternative to conventional bread. Its lower phytate levels make it more nutritious and easier to digest. Sourdough bread also seems less likely to spike your blood sugar levels, which makes it an option for those monitoring their blood sugar.

Why is there a 60-hour ferment – the main purpose of fermentation amongst everything else, is to allow the starch in the dough to break down into its simplest form which is sucrose (sugar), and allow the sucrose to be eaten by the various microorganisms. These organisms give off different types of toxic waste, depending on what they are, which basically poison our bodies. The fermentation process allows the baker to rid his dough of these toxins, given the right amount of time and the optimum correct temperature to do so. This doesn’t mean that a shorter fermentation won't give you a loaf of bread, it just means that if the baker hasn't controlled the temperature, both ambient and in his ingredients properly, he won't get a loaf that all the short-chain carbohydrates have been eaten. Hence an inferior quality product. It may be better than regular commercial bread but definitely won't pass a test to show that the bad carbs and the sugar values have decreased enough to not spike the blood sugar level of the user.

Most store-bought sourdoughs are not made in the traditional sourdough way, and therefore reduce the health benefits of true sourdoughs. Barry's unique calculations and formula are based on the ability to either quicken or slow down the fermentation process, to give a product that has been independently tested and endorsed by Diabetics SA.

There are a whole bunch of other reasons why fermentation increase the value of sourdough products and the time frame is based on a lot of variables.

To note that Barry's bread has been independently tested for nutritional/sugar values.

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