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Everyone should be seeing a dietitian, certainly more often than a dentist or doctor”. After all, your diet affects everything from your immune system, health, focus, memory, energy levels, anxiety, teeth and jaw health, emotions, anxiety & sleep quality… this is actually more important than anything else. 

With our Dietitian services, we can specialise in many detailed things like kids nutrition, falling pregnant, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, medical issues, IronMan Nutrition, CrossFit, Endurance & sports nutrition, fussy eaters, babies, stressful times, genetic needs and way more.

The best just got better!

We provide 2 x Dietitian Consultations for every customer who buys a 21-day BEST RESULTS KIT i.e. an initial 30 mins assessment, with a follow-up appointment on Zoom/Teams or potentially in person (area dependant – JHB only). 

Additional health screening services will be available over time. Clients will be able to also book extra deep-dive appointments for themselves and their families (at Medical Aid rates).

FitChef takes your long-term results seriously and given the fact that most people think they understand eating but really don’t they will keep failing unless we positively intervene. We are here to offer guidance, educate, hold you accountable, confirm your goals, create meal plans and help you achieve more… with access to a professional who is dedicated to your results!

Your success is our priority!

1. Order  2. Book your appointments  3. Succeed 

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