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The BEST thing since sliced bread: Build-your-meal concept

The FitChef Elements Range makes it easy to feed a fussy family who only want the best food available #EatClean #FullFlavour

The Amazing Elements Family Convenience Kit 
This kit gives you the ultimate convenience booster… living the Prepped Life. This contains Ready-to-eat meals, Elements Build-a-meal options, Breakfast Options, Smoothies & drinks, Ready-to-blend smoothies, Snacks &  household cleaning products. Supercharge convenience, less cooking, no wasted food to throw away, way less washing up and mess. The healthiest best tasting food around. Ensure you have enough freezer space available (4-5 shelves) or do a split delivery.

Family Nutrition? Solved!
Unbelievable convenience, full-flavour healthy food for your family! #RealFood

The #PreppedLife
Restaurants make food quickly because they prep food in advance. We’ve done the prepping, so you can live the #PreppedLife at home by combining portions of carbs, proteins, veg, toppings & sauces that form the building blocks of amazing meals. See our recipe book, filled with great meal ideas, adding fresh veggies or using elements as a base for salads or cooking other meals.

#EatClean with no preservatives, man-made chemicals, additives or highly refined ingredients.

Build-a-meal combining guidelines.
Kids: 1-2 Elements portions 
Teenagers: 2-4 Elements portions
Adults: 3-4 Element portions per meal
Hungry, large or very active people: 3-6 Element portions per meal (potentiallty 4-6 meals a day)

Food for the busy
Life is hectic and you want the best for your family, FitChef has the solution!
Effortless living, less washing up, no shopping queues & better nutrition. Life needs energy, food is energy, eat good energy.

Food for the fussy
The joy of food is sucked away because everyone is so fussy, not anymore. With Elements you can create different versions of meals for everyone. No wastage or food not eaten, no food going off. Want a double or half portion, no problem. FitChef Elements is the perfect way to feed families without the frustration. Food should be fun! 

Food for food lovers
Who said healthy food was boring. We have created full flavour food with whole food ingredients, no preservatives, additives, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, quality meat and no highly refined ingredients. REAL food. 

Food for sporty
FitChef has a large range of healthy meals, smoothies, snacks and elements to support athletes needing quality nutrients. 
All diets fail for one main reason, you don’t have good food available now and eat junk instead.
Real results, Real food, Real convenience.

Food for healthy
Health is true wealth. While eating is really fun and part of our social life too, the main purpose of eating is to digest nutrients. Focus on eating nutrients and this means more veggies. FitChef focuses on whole food, choosing higher fiber, nutrient dense food. We also have great vegetarian and vegan options.


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