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Gluten Free Packages

At Fitchef we don’t use cereal fillers or wheat-based thickeners in our #EatClean range ensuring most of our products and meals are naturally gluten-free, with the obvious exception of our pasta dishes and breads.

Our range of Gluten-Free kits has especially been designed to exclude all wheat products. These convenient packages still offer a wide range of delicious nutrition with natural fibre and nutrient-dense vegetables to satisfy your taste buds and really boost your gut health too. 

Good food positively affects your body, energy, mental focus, skin tone, mood, physical health, gut health and weight*

Why does FitChef food make all the difference?

  • Firstly, ingredient choice is critical, and we’re obsessed with real food ingredients! Look at our ingredient labels, we’re immensely proud of this achievement. 
  • Secondly, our food doesn’t have fake, refined, and chemical additives; we stick to our #EatClean ethos. 
  • Thirdly, if you had good food, you would eat it! We’re making healthy food more convenient than junk by supplying packages and Recurring Orders.
Our “Best Results” package is our most popular option and provides everything needed for your journey including 3 meals & 2 smoothies/day/6-days/week. 
* See the phenomenal results from a Dietitian-managed group trial. (Before and after body measurements, weight, and blood test).
See the INFO detail in kits.


  • BEST RESULTS: Everything you need! 3 meals + 2 smoothie/day/6-days/week. This is the most popular package, so if you aren’t sure where to start then this a great choice!
  • BUDGET: Same great FitChef products minus Breakfast. 2 meals + 1 smoothie/day/6-days/week, a great choice if you have a healthy breakfast routine or prefer to skip a meal.

How much freezer space do I need?

1 freezer shelf/week, so 3 shelves or drawers for a 21 day challenge (54 meals, 36 smoothies for a BEST results challenge). We find its more convenient for clients to get a single delivery, but we can split it into 2 deliveries* (For Gauteng and Cape Town only). If your freezer is too small just remove the shelves or drawers and stack the food and smoothies.

Don’t have enough freezer space?

We can split your order into 2 deliveries (For Gauteng and Cape Town only). If your freezer is too small just remove the shelves or drawers and stack the food. Many clients have bought bigger chest freezers to live the FitChef Lifestyle. We strongly believe that once you experience the convenience and health benefits that high quality frozen food brings to your life you will agree that frozen is the way to go.

What if I have certain dietary requirements?

We have a lot of great meal options but if you need changes please just mention this in the comments box when you order, or during our conversations with you afterwards. We will try our best to make a plan!

How long does the food last in my freezer?

In a home freezer food will last 3 months, at least.
We only use nature’s ingredients. You won’t find man-made chemical preservatives, colourants, additives or other highly refined ingredients. We don’t add gluten flours or starchy thickeners to our meals. Most importantly, we don’t add sugars, whether artificial or concentrated, or refined salt. We use nature’s whole-food ingredients so that our meals are generally low carb and high in fibre. We have sourced meat from grass-fed/free range farms and that are free of routine antibiotics and growth hormones.

What makes FitChef different?

FitChef aims to be the world’s lead REAL food solutions company. This is a huge ambitious goal! We follow the #EatClean Ethos which means we create REAL food with no preservatives, no additives, no added sugars or artificial sugars, no man-made chemicals, no table salt but only inlands sources of unpolluted natural salt and all meats are free of routine antibiotic and growth hormone. The food and smoothies are high in natural fibre. We aim for low/lower carb meals, but we believe the focus should be on quality carbs (from veggies). We use old fashion cooking techniques to slowly thicken sauces, using ingredients you recognise, we aim to use whole-food as close to natures state as possible. Not only do we have higher food quality standards than others you are getting really amazing tasting food that makes it more convenient to eat healthy food and avoid junk.

What happens after the 21 Day Challenge?

The 21 Day Challenge is a convenient kick start to get your life, body, mind and immune system back on track. Many people keep ordering 21 Day kits for more weight loss or convenience, or order smaller lifestyle kits or select the  ‘Your Own Selection’ options. Many people aim for a 70/30 or 80/20 ratio of strict/treat-food, we eat around 96 meals and 30-60 snacks a months so realistically work out how busy you are, if you like cooking and how many meals, smoothies and snacks you will need a month. Please try our amazing Elements Range, this is a build-a-meal concept where you combine individual portions of protein, carb, veg and topping to create any meal or portion size you feel like or add fresh ingredients. Make FitChef a lifestyle and join our Loyalty program where you setup a recurring order with really good discounts!

Learn more about our loyalty program?

Live the FitChef Lifestyle, join our Loyalty Program by setting up a recurring order on our website. Get great discounts, save huge amounts of time and frustration by avoiding shops and queues, food preparation, cooking and cleaning every day and make eating healthy the easiest and most convenient part of your day. We all know that health is true wealth and food is foundation for energy, focus, health and feeling good.

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