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How do I follow a Ketogenic Diet?

Keto diet staples include mostly high fat, low carb foods and low to moderate amounts of protein. You’ll be eating more meat, chicken, fish, eggs, fats, and low carb vegetables and avoiding sugar- and sugar-containing foods and drinks, alcohol, all grains and starches, and most fruit.

The challenge is that if not done properly, there is a risk of never entering ketosis. This diet is challenging and if you are not challenged, chances are you are not doing it correctly.

For your convenience, FitChef has removed the challenges and difficulties with the tasty FitChef Keto Challenges. All meals were designed to keep in mind the keto principles of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% fat, and with at most 600 kcal per meal.

  • Keto – Strict 75/20/5 Clean
    Being strictly keto is a commitment, there are no cheat days: seven days a week with two Keto meals per day. Not more is needed as you will see that the high fat content of the meals will keep you fuller for longer and will leave you very satisfied. It is up to you how you choose to eat these meals, whether breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. Choose what works best for your routine and your lifestyle.
  • Keto – Cyclical 5/2
    It is estimated that we need about 5 days of eating this way to induce ketosis. Our Cyclical ketogenic kit will give you strict ketogenic meals for five days per week, followed by two days meals from the Moderate Keto kit which have a bit more carbohydrates.
  • Keto – Moderate (Mediterranean Low Carb)
    Suitable for those who do not want to go too drastic with their diet, the Moderate Keto Kit has at most 50g of carbohydrates per day. This is more of a flexible approach. While strict Keto may work for some, it may not fit everyone’s lifestyle. Many keto style diets restrict or eliminate a lot of foods with beneficial nutrients and fibre. That is why there is a move towards moderation and allowing a larger variety of certain foods in controlled portions, such as lentils, legumes, chickpeas, colourful vegetables, and brown rice.

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