Lunch @ Work
Tired of boring sandwiches and instant noodles? Looking for an alternative to canteen food or take-aways? Tempted daily by “I’m just popping out for lunch - do you want anything”?  Always forgetting, or too exhausted to prep healthy meals in advance?

Sourcing healthy and convenient food in the workplace is an ongoing challenge, with a plethora of nutritionally poor choices constantly available. Nutrient-rich food is essential for peak performance at work. At FitChef, we use only the finest quality whole foods with no artificial or refined additives or sugars.

Packing your lunchbox with the day’s ready-made FitChef meal and smoothie before you head out the door saves you time, money, and will keep you firing on all cylinders.

Working from home? You’re ahead of the game when it comes to eating well at work! Although you’ll still be bound by lunch breaks and time constraints, you can limit certain unhealthy choices by simply not having them to hand. Access to convenient, beneficial foods is still the key to a successful workday, even if the commute is much shorter…

Why does FitChef food make all the difference?

  • Firstly, ingredient choice is critical, and we’re obsessed with real food ingredients! Look at our ingredient labels, we’re immensely proud of this achievement. 
  • Secondly, our food doesn’t have fake, refined, and chemical additives; we stick to our #EatClean ethos. 
  • Thirdly, if you had good food, you would eat it! We’re making healthy food more convenient than junk by supplying packages and Recurring Orders.

  • Lunch + Drinks@Work (4 weeks): Meals and smoothie pack
  • Lunch + Drinks + Snacks@Work (4 weeks): Meals, smoothie & snack pack
  • Lunch + Drinks@Work - Vegetarian (4 weeks): Meals and smoothie vegetarian pack
  • My Healthy Week Kit: Our retail kit with meals and smoothies - you will also find this in our Dischem/Spar freezers
We deliver to work or home in most major cities around South Africa or choose to collect from our Johannesburg or Cape Town offices. Allow 2 - 4 working days after order is completed or 4 - 8 working days for outlying areas.

Split Orders
We deliver to work or home or collect from our Johannesburg or Cape Town offices. We deliver to most major cities around South Africa. If you don't have enough freezer space (we suggest 1 shelf/week) then we do offer split delivery on larger kits/packages in Gauteng, Cape Town and surrounds and are also available in KZN. Receive half your order to get started, and the second half on the next convenient date. Alternatively, you can choose your own meals and place an Own Selection order to suit your budget and/or space availability

Kit Changes
If you have special or personalised requirements (no pasta/ gluten, no beef, no dairy etc), you can ask for changes to be made to your kit by using the delivery notes found on checkout and we will endeavour to make the necessary meal exchanges. Please note that the exchanges will be of similar nutritional and monetary values.
Recurring Orders
Sign up for a recurring order and save! We offer great discounts to our loyalty club customers.
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