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1. Learn to cook up to 60 MEALS IN 2 HOURS at home. 

Follow the guided video, learn the most effective cooking techniques and have loads of fun. 

We provide a shopping list, plus a detailed step-by-step cooking guide and a lifestyle guide to help you understand healthy eating.

The FitChef Extreme Cooking ONLINE Course will teach you the most effective way to cook delicious and healthy lunch or dinner meals quickly. You get to learn how to cook and freeze a variety of meal portions in 2 hours so that you always have access to good food without the effort of daily cooking and all that cleaning up afterwards.


  • CONVENIENCE: This makes healthy eating more convenient than junk food.
  • EAT CLEAN: Eat healthy whole food without all the artificial additives, preservatives and added sugars.
  • FLEXIBLE: Change ingredients and portion according to your taste, add fresh veggies and ingredients.
  • NO WASTAGE: Your freezer is the natures way to store food safely without preservatives, lock in the goodness and make healthy convenient. 
  • EASY: FitChef Action Cards that are perfect for kitchen virgins and experienced cooks.



Wouldn’t it be great to find a nutritional solution that solves healthy food for the month, at work and home? A lifestyle (not a fad diet) that saves you loads of time, reduces visits to the shops, makes healthy eating more affordable, cuts out the harmful junk like preservatives, additives, added sugars and refined flours and starches. A plan that is extremely convenient, where food is delicious and meal options are flexible enough to meet your cravings and busy lifestyle, a solution that makes you feel like you’ve got a personal chef preparing Instagram ready dishes in minutes! And most importantly the solution needs to be affordable.

Well, that pretty much sums up the SMART FOOD CONCEPT (SFC).

The SFC is the intelligent solution to healthy eating, solving convenience, flexibility and affordability. Delicious, nutritious and strategically planned balanced range of food! This is the healthy food solution you’ve been looking for and would even work for your entire family no matter what age (Just double or multiply the quantities in the shopping list and recipe booklet).

How it works

We provide a high quality printed guide plus more online info with recipes, ideas, a shopping list, a detailed eating plan/guide and information to answer any additional questions. Order online and we deliver FitChef products and your printed SMART FOOD CONCEPT booklet (Collection is available in Jhb & CT). You only cook twice during the month (SMART PREP EVENINGS), where you prepare sauces, veggies, quality high-fibre low GI carbs, meats and snacks in bulk. These are packed in SMART PORTIONS and frozen for use later on with SMART RECIPES or BUILD-YOUR-OWN meals. For [email protected] we provide a wide range of excellent FitChef Ready-to-heat meals. This means 86% less cooking, cleaning and washing. This is by far the most economical, flexible, delicious and convenient way to ensure you always have healthy food. We also provide some FitChef breakfasts, a few guilt-free FitChef snacks and Ginger Booster shots for a cleansing tea. You’re going to love the experience.

3 Food problems SFC aims to solve:

  1. If you had good food you would eat it. (You will always have good food)
  2. You’re too busy and good food requires more time & effort. (86% less effort, you save time by eating healthy with SFC)
  3. Healthy eating is confusing because of false marketing. (Real food ingredients make all the difference – seeing is believing)

The benefits of the SMART FOOD CONCEPT

  • 86% less cooking, washing up & cleaning
  • 0% food wastage
  • 75% less shopping
  • 90-100% less exposure to additives, preservatives, artificial colourants and flavourants.
  • 0% added sugars or artificial sweeteners (with exception of limited honey in some instances)
  • 100% more satisfied with your food results for energy, focus, health and weight management results.
  • A wide variety of whole food ingredients

What you get with your online purchase:

  • SMART FOOD CONCEPT printed Booklet (Recipes, Build-a-meal and Cooking Guide)
  • Eating Guide
  • Shopping List
  • 20 FitChef ready-to-heat meals for work or busy times
  • Flexible weekend solution
  • Snack solution
  • Ginger BOOSTER Tea

 Welcome to 'scooking':

Cooking shouldn't be a chore... Welcome to the concept of scooking (Smart Cooking)... it’s ‘smart cooking’ where you’ve already done the hard work of prepping the sauces, meats, carbs and veg for the month, now comes the fun part where you can get your chef on, and create your perfect meal (With our build-a-meal concept)... without all the mess, wasted time watching things cook or boil away... you're going to love scooking!

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