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Extreme Cooking ONLINE Course 

Learn to cook up to 60 MEALS IN 2 HOURS at home. 

Follow the guided video, learn the most effective cooking techniques and have loads of fun. 
We provide a shopping list, plus a detailed step-by-step cooking guide and a lifestyle guide to help you understand healthy eating.

The FitChef Extreme Cooking ONLINE Course will teach you the most effective way to cook delicious and healthy meals quickly. You get to learn how to cook and freeze a variety of meal portion in 2 hours so that you always have access to good food without the effort of daily cooking and all that cleaning up afterwards.


  • CONVENIENCE: This makes healthy eating more convenient than junk food.
  • EAT CLEAN: Eat healthy whole food without all the artificial additives, preservatives and added sugars.
  • FLEXIBLE: Change ingredients and portion according to your taste, add fresh veggies and ingredients.
  • NO WASTAGE: Your freezer is the natures way to store food safely without preservatives, lock in the goodness and make healthy convenient. 
  • EASY: FitChef Action Cards that are perfect for kitchen-virgins and experienced cooks.

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