Few people realise that almost all commercial nutrition is artificial, refined & sweetened. Not FitChef!
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FitChef smoothies use natural preservatives from citrus fruit like orange, lemon and grapefruit, and are naturally preservative free and the sweetness in FitChef smoothies is natural sweetness from fruit and honey, with no added artificial sweeteners. FitChef smoothies are free from dairy, FitChef smoothies are vegetarian and vegan friendly and blended together using water or coconut water. If you want a higher protein meal or snack, shake up your FitChef smoothie with milk, yoghurt, plant-based beverages like soy or almond milk, or even whey protein powder.  

Another bonus of smoothies is that they are super convenient and can be incorporated into your daily eating plan in many ways and depending on your health goals. These easy drinks can be a kick start to your day as breakfast. If replacing the energy (calories or kilojoules) you’d otherwise eat in a meal, smoothies may help control energy intake and help with weight loss as an on-the-go lunch meal. For those who are active and need extra energy to support training and muscle building, smoothies can be a quick grab-and-go snack.

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