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Almost everything you need for the month, supplied in one kit.
These kits revolutionise convenient health... stock up your freezer once a month, manage your budget and reduce the need to go to the shops.

Can you budget smartly, enjoy delicious convenience & flexibility and still be healthy?

Yes, our "Smart-Health : Smarter-Budget Kits" are exactly what you need!
Great for individuals, couples and families (especially for teenage kids who eat the house).

If you believe in REAL food, without additives then we have the ultimate set of products to suit your budget:

  • FitChef Ready-to-eat meals
    Depending on the kit we have varying amounts of FitChef meals for the busy days.
  • Dairy (Milk, Cheese & Butter)
    We have included dairy from free-roaming, grass-fed, organic principled farms.
    Keep frozen and use what you need, when you need it!
    You are what you eat, but you eat what they eat.
  • Eggs
    Free-roaming, free-range eggs. 
    Delicious breakfasts and soul food sandwiches with fried eggs, 60-hour fermented sourdough, avo, farm grass-fed butter and cheese!
  • 60-hour long-fermented sourdough
    We've brought you the best artisanal bread in the country. 
    The Bugatti of bread! GMO-Free unbleached stoneground flour. 
    This is real food, very low GL and GI (endorsed by the Diabetic Association as suitable for most diabetics), fermented to be sugar-free, slow-release and keeps you full for hours.
    A powerhouse of nutrients, delicious and good for your gut.
    We provide pre-sliced blast frozen loaves so you only use what you need. no wastage and always fresh.
  • Portioned Veggies
    Veggies are crucial to healthy eating (They contain many nutrients not found in other products).
    The problem with fresh veg is that you often end up throwing away 'vrot' veg that you meant to eat.
    We provide ultra-convenient 300g vacuum-packed frozen portions:
    • Roasting veg: Simply take it straight from the freezer, remove the bag, add oil and spices (onto the frozen veg) and roast.
      Delicious! (200° C for 45 mins, )
    • Stir-fry veg: Once again take it straight from the freezer, into a pan, add oils and spices and stir fry!
    • Avo: Frozen avo, ready when you need it!
  • Muesli & Pure Wheat Flakes
    FItChef has 2 incredible high-quality breakfast options. No additives, no preservatives, no sulphur-dioxide.
  • Soups
    Delicious old-fashioned soups without stabilisers, emulsifiers and flour. A powerhouse of mixed veggies (vitamins, minerals and fibre).
    Excellent nutrition!
  • Meat
    Grassfed, routine antibiotics and hormone-free. Frozen for your convenience.
    • Boerie
      Grassfed, additive-free,  cereal/gluten filler-free.
    • Rump steaks
      Grassfed, Grassfed
    • Mince
      Grassfed, Grassfed
    • Chicken Fillets
      Free-range chicken breast.
  • Smoothies:
    To ensure you are getting enough veg and fruit variation, excellent fibre, nutrients and antioxidants we provide a few of FitChefs famous smoothies.
  • Dry Products
    Pasta, because sometimes you just need a good bolognese ;-)
  • Canned Products:
    Canned Tomatoes, and Tomatoes and onions for sauces and bolognese.
  • FitChef Ice-cream
    High-quality with real products like cacao and honey.

These kits provide almost everything you need for the month, delicious and convenient... amazing quality and variety.

All your nutrition needs sorted out in one-click (add this to a recurring order for ultimate convenience).

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