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Recurring Order
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Do something nice for yourself today… treat yourself! Reward yourself with snacks that support your health, feed your body and silence your cravings at the same time. Welcome to FitChef guilt-free treats and snacks
Why does FitChef food make all the difference?
Firstly, ingredient choice is critical, we’re just more obsessed with real food ingredients than others (Please compare our ingredient labels, this wasn’t an easy achievement). Secondly, our food doesn’t have fake, refined and chemical additives (#EatClean). Thirdly, if you had good food you would eat it and we’ve made healthy food more convenient than junk by supplying packages and Recurring Orders.
Make this a lifestyle by creating a Recurring Order that you can change or pause at any time.

  1. Family Daily Treat Kit – a variety of 40 snacks.
  2. Fruits & Seeds – a variety of 40 snacks with fruits/nuts and seeds.
  3. All Sorts – a variety of 40 different snacks.
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