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You are a machine, machines need fuel and there's no argument that better quality fuel leads to better performance. FitChef has been the first choice for many professional athletes, from EFC, MMA, CrossFit, IronMan, Comrades, Rugby and more.  #EatClean... most companies claim their food is healthy but add loads of unrecognisable ingredients and low-quality flour thickeners. On FitChef food sports people report that they perform better with fewer or no injuries (smoothies are amazing for body recovery), lose the fat, build lean muscle, have stronger immune systems and are able to perform at work despite a hectic training regime. So start with a kit and possibly move to an automated monthly order of your own selection.

With our new website you can create a subscription order that gets delivered every month without any extra effort, we remind you before it runs and you can  update the items in your standard monthly order or pause the subscription at any time.

#EatClean without preservatives or man-made chemicals, no added or artificial sugars, quality grass fed meats without routine antibiotics or growth hormone. FitChef provides the most delicious healthy, nutrient dense, whole food in the most convenient way to create a lifestyle for busy people and families. Kick start your #LiveClean lifestyle today, your future self will thank you.

Info Sports - Hardcore Performance Kit

R 8,188.30

Save: R 909.80 + Free Delivery

Info Sports - Performance Kit (SPK)

R 5,734.40

Save: R 637.00 + Free Delivery

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