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Soul Food Kits

Limited time offer!!!

Haven’t tried FitChef meals or have a phobia of trying new tastes...then this is the offer for you.

FitChef meals are not only delicious, but insanely nutritious...Reset your taste buds with our #EatClean off-the-shelf, mouth watering convenience! We have designed NEW taster packages to keep you up to date with our NEW delicious and exciting meals! Our new taster package starts from only R315 PLUS a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you think the items received aren’t worth your hard earned bucks! 

FitChef is focused on menu innovation as part of our commitment to meeting changing consumer preferences.

We are passionate about providing a seriously tasty experience that proves that using real wholesome ingredients, not only keeps your body performing at its peak, but does taste like true to goodness soul food. 

FitChef is excited to add this NEW taster package filled with delicious healthy, nutrient-dense, whole food to win your taste buds over. 

Thousands of people have realised that #EatClean is the way forward. Don’t believe us? Try it!

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