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Please read about the NEW FitChef + PLATE services, before shopping.

We believe your health is an essential goal and we all need to plan ahead to be healthy… most commercial foods are full of fake.

FitChef is no ordinary food company… we want to see you succeed!

We’re REAL FOOD SPECIALISTS who make it extremely easy to achieve your 80/20*
*70-80% healthy food without additives. 20-30% treats and less strict foods.

We’re hardcore about exceptional service, which is why our TrustPilot reviews are so good. South Africans deserve service!

We also support flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan 
(with these quality ranges growing all the time).

Healthier living is affordable (Loyalty Club) and very convenient (Recurring Orders) with many ranges to cover all your needs: 
• EatClean Range. 
Our flagship range – we’re very proud of our ingredients.
Delicious food to protect and upgrade health, and weight management. No one else comes close to our scientifically backed EatClean ingredient choices and cooking methods (e.g. No added sugar, real ingredients, olive oil, high fibre, variety of ingredients, portion-controlled, nutrient-dense, no flour-based sauces, no added preservatives or additives, salt quality and quantity, old fashioned cooking techniques, free-range, grass-fed… you will feel the difference). See the About menu for all the details.

• PLATE Range (was Cravings). 
Healthier bigger portion meals. 
High-quality meals that everyone can enjoy. 

• Restaurant-in Range. 
Very high-quality Restaurant-Style Home-Dining, with larger family portions (e.g. 640g). Add your own side or eat as is. Amazing food.

• EasyCook Sauces. 
Our strict but extremely delicious sauce range for pastas, with meats, in recipes, pizza topping, on toast or sandwiches etc.
Clean ingredients, no added sugars, additives or preservatives.
(Tip, if you need more sweetness, add some honey)

• Strict-KETO (LCHF). 
The strictest 75% Fat | 20% Protein | 5% Carb range for people wanting to become fat-adapted before moving to a more moderate Mediterranean or lower carb (high-quality carb) or moderate keto lifestyle.

• Snacks Range 
A great range of healthier and convenient snacks.

• Sweet Tooth Range. 
As part of our PLATE MENU range, we have a few puddings for your convenience.

• Drinks, Smoothies & Juices. 
Many incredible blended smoothies, drinks and juices (Note: we always recommend limiting, diluting and mindfully using juices. While the sugar is from real fruits and veg, we all need to manage sugar in this modern sweetened world. Parents, please dilute and limit!).

• Ready-to-blend smoothies. 
Frozen real ingredient smoothies… pour into your blender, add water, milk, proteins, and milk alternative and drink a well balanced professional-quality smoothie at home)

• BULK-SAVE Range.
Meats and other products coming soon… do a bulk purchase and save.

• Groceries: Bakery, Butchery, Dairy, Cereals, sourdough pizza…
We can supply everything you need. Almost 100% of your need with a healthier upgrade. From 60-hour sourdough breads, sourdough pizza bases, breakfast cereals and muesli.

• Kits. 
Unsure, start with a prebuilt kick-start kit.

Unsure where to start? 
(we know our website is a bit busy, we're working on that)
Start with a 21-day, 1-month or Couples-Kit, then next month join our Loyalty Club and create a recurring order (Don’t only order your favourites, even get the vegetarian meal, your body needs the diversity of all the fibres and nutrients.

A final thought before you shop.

Please join the FitChef Family… we’ll look after your health by ensuring you eat enough healthy foods conveniently. We eat around 93 meals a month, plus snacks… so plan to make most (70-80%) of your ingredients healthy and healthier by prioritizing real food and avoiding additives and added sugar. 
Earn your treats :-).

You are your biggest investment, health is the goal!

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Good Quality and good portions

Thank you for your sterling service. I started with FitChef in February of this year. I've have always been overweight but this year you have helped me lose and keep off 25kg and counting! I intend to lose the same amount again and am actually able to manage a workout schedule and have joined a gym to continue my journey. I will continue to be a loyal customer, thanks again.

Sharlene Bronkhorst reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Excellent - however I favor the beetroot brownies top notch who would have thought that beetroot in a brownie could taste so good.

Cheryl Ewing reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Great service, great quality and great food. And being a Type 1 diabetic, I know good wholesome food when I eat it. Well done FitChef, super chuffed right now.

Marcelle Muller reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
FitChef has made my life so much easier and tastier! Thanks to their perfectly prepared, healthy meals I don't have to stress about cooking after working all day, and knowing that these meals are healthy is good for the soul. Don't think I'll ever cook again

Karin Kaamilah Hendricks Johnson reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Every meal taste different and certainly not bland at all. We are loving the whole Eating Clean concept. The smoothies and shots are excellent too. And of course there is a convenience factor in the case that everyone in the house works different times.

Leah Singh Govender reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Amazing tasty healthy food. So simple and easy on the go with convenient pouches for those yummy smoothies. Vegetarian meals were absolutely tasty. I would recommend healthy eating to all especially with FitChef.

Charne Potgieter reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
One of the best things I have ever done was find FitChef. So easy to make and tasty. I really want to say thank you to the lady from the Cape Town branch. You are always so friendly and helpful!!

Tracy Ann Fairless reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Attended the Extreme Cooking Course, and it was an amazing experience. Learnt so much in a couple of hours, had lots of fun and now have a freezer full of healthy meals, all prepared by me! Thank you. Thank you!

Elsie Dippenaar reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I see a lot of people complaining about prices, but I find it to be way more economical than the grocery shopping I did before. We pay less in a month for food AND we don't waste. I'm also seeing good results on the scale and in my clothing. Thanks guys - keep up the good work!

Andre Spangenberg reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I lost 20kgs in 6 months. The staff is always helpful and friendly and the company itself inspired me to be the better me. The food is great and I actually save so much money a month by eating fitchef that it works out much cheaper. Keep up the great service and food. Happy customer for life. Andre

Belinda Francis reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
It's not only delicious but healthy. My lifestyle has changed so has my eating habits the meals are filling and packed with wholesome goodness this is a winner for a family that is trying to change their lifestyle for either health reasons or just wanting to live a healthy life.

Kirsten Pieters reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Best ever!! I love FitChef juices and smoothies it gives me soo much energy I need for the day. I feel like a whole new person. I can't wait to try out the food range! Thank you FitChef

Ilonka Laurens reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Thank you once again for going out of your way to accommodate me with deliveries. I love the new meals by the way.

Sandy Anne Yates Burnard reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
It’s been 10 days of being on FitChef! It’s amazing and I feel amazing in such a short space of time. Thank you FitChef! Your food makes me happy and healthy.

Tersia Beukes reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Daar is soveel gesonde kos wat mens nou te koop kan kry wat ook lekker is, die corn produkte het regtig heerlike produkte wat julle kan probeer net om julle eers af te kry van wat julle nou eet. Later pla vleis nie eers meer nie. Ek is mal oor my bord lekker groete.

Jonathan Mazoue reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
My wife and I signed up for the 21 day couples package. All I can say is that FitChef is not a typical healthy pre-prepped meal, the meals are incredibly tasty. My wife is a very fussy eater and even she can’t stop talking about it. Very glad I decided to signup.

Angelique Coetzee reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I am so impressed with FitChef. I am a vegetarian and love the vegetarian meals that I ordered ! Its always hard to find tasty , healthy vegetarian meals and I received that from FitChef. Will order again and again! Well done!

Christelle Klynkie Du Plessis reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Not only healthy but SO EXTREMELY tasteful!!! Being a bikini competitor, I know how bland and tasteless healthy food can get but FitChef, they avoid this at all times and truly do succeed.

Véronique Mitchell reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I absolutely LOVE Fit Chef because not only does it mean no dishes, quick warming up, more time to spend on the V Pack and writing up meal and training programs - but the meals are ever so tasty and healthy at the same time! What could be better?

Liezle Redford reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Day 1 of the 21 day couples challenge. Amazed at the food that was delivered! Looks so good! Then got to eat it - WOW! How does frozen food taste so fresh and great! I can see this becoming a long term relationship. highly recommend - don't uhm and ah about it - just do it.

Kelsey Scott reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I've just finished the 21 day challenge, and now I'm doing the [email protected] (money is a bit tight) however the food was amazing and satisfying, saved me so much time and I knew I would always have something healthy on hand.

Tracy Lee Jaacks reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I've never had Quinoa before and tried the chicken, roast veggies and Quinoa, what a tasty wholesome meal. Can't wait to try them all out. Thank you!

Quinton Ashworth reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Really impressed with the food and amazing service. Such variety and great that there are 2snack smoothie a day. It is very convenient for busy schedule. 21 Day Kit Best Value for couples. Tania was so efficient setting up my recurring order for me.

Michéle Coetzer reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I am beyond amazed by FitChef! From their amazing Customer service to the full flavor of the food!! I absolutely love it!!!

Melissa Schäfers reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
On Monday I ordered FitChef for the first time and today I received my order as promised. I am super impressed with the service I received, sms's to keep me updated as well as the way the food was packaged and delivered. The best of course is the delicious, healthy food! Thank you so much. Five stars for sure.

Chloë Jäger reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Great value for money and delicious food and beverages! I love the ginger, lemon, pineapple refresher and my favourite meal (so far) is the beef pesto bun-less burger. Apart from the food being so tasty, it's soooo convenient which is great for a lazy cook like myself :)

Dirk Conrad Coetsee reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Such amazing food. So tasty and so healthy all at once. Good portion sizes and notably they don't skimp on protein. I especially appreciate the use of "real" ingredients. No sneaky stuff in there.

Frans-Hendrik Joubert reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
I ordered the 21 Day Best Value Package. The quality of the meals are great and the portion sizes are very reasonable. Love the smoothies!

Abigail Crouse reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Best service I've received in a very long time! There was a mix up with my delivery and it was only delivered 2weeks after it was shipped. FitChef re-sent full order today with no issues at all. I can't wait to dig into the meals! Based only on this brilliant service I will def order again. Thank you!!!
Josh Vt reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
Miles ahead of their competitors!
I'm a big guy and find their portions just right, tasty and convenient. It's great to eat healthy non processed food at what really are good prices. Very happy to continue with their excellent service

Craig Colin Roy McLeod reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star 

Amazing food, you do need a full empty freezer. Quality and taste of the meals is amazing. Eating healthy does not taste like sadness and war crimes for a change. It has basically removed all excuses to not eat healthy. Totally sold on this as a way of life that saves me time and money and gets rid of my excuses.

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