FitChef Supports Vegan, however we improve the outcome by bringing the EatClean Ethos to the table. This means you get great tasting food without additives, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no added sugar in meals (apart from limited used of honey sometimes), you get wholefood products, we focus on old fashioned slow cooking techniques (as opposed to adding flour, stabilisers , emulsifiers and all the fake food products not declared by most food companies) and everything we do is about providing maximum diversity of ingredients (so you end up eating a wide variety of fibre, nutrients and bio-active compounds in food). 80% of your diet should focus on quality ingredients and eating foods because of the benefits (In other words, “Eat ALL your veggies because of the long term great effects and how it makes you feel”.

FitChef if dedicated to your long-term health, decades of health. Your health is critical to us!

New features launching in 2022 to support all diets

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