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The World’s best ingredient labels.
Our vision is to be the World’s leading REAL FOOD solutions company! It’s clearly not a small vision and it hasn’t been an easy journey, but that’s why we believe we’re putting in more effort than anyone else to use whole-food ingredients, as close to natures high-fibre nutrient-dense package as possible, ingredients that you recognise and understand. We said healthy food, not boring food… we’ve done a lot of work to ensure that healthy food tastes like heart food, all our recipes are continually upgraded! Will you feel the difference? yes for sure!

We encourage you to compare our food labels to others to see the quality of our ingredients, we do have the cleanest ingredient labels!

What does 
World’s leading REAL FOOD solutions company mean?

World Leading: We aim to lead real food innovation and healthy convenience, without following fads.

Real food: While 90% of food available nowadays is fake, we are the refreshing alternative. FitChef focuses on using a wide range of real, whole food ingredients with no artificial man-made chemicals, no preservatives, no highly refined ingredients, most meals have no added sugars and are gluten-free. We use free-range meats that are growth hormone and routine antibiotic free. We can actually say we’re proud of our ingredient labels. 

Solutions: This means we consciously think about our food and drinks as a complete family of food. If you lived on our food 100% of the time, your body and mind would thank you. We offer a 1-click solution with our kit concepts, our most popular 21-day BEST RESULTS Challenge Kit gives you get 54 meals and 44 smoothies, which is everything you need to instantly kickstart and transform your health and weight. 

Our Recurring Orders system makes healthy eating affordable, more convenient and ensures you stay on track.

More about Recurring Orders with Loyalty Discounts.
If health and weight are important to you. If your life is busy, if you don't like cooking or your diet is a roller coaster of ups and downs then FitChef is perfect for you! If you had high-quality food you would eat it. FitChef has the perfect convenient health lifestyle solution. Sign up for a Recurring Order and getting great Loyalty discounts too.

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