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Recurring Orders 2023

Discounts: A recurring order will automatically give you a discount equal to our most popular kits.
UPGRADE: For bigger discounts, create a Loyalty Club Membership (LIFESTYLE or VIP)

If we're completely honest...
we all know exactly why we fail to eat healthily:

We don't have enough good food around and there is too much refined junk available.
(in reality, no one has 100% willpower to say no to artificial food)

can change this all today with one decision (one click)!
Guarantee that you have loads of high-quality food...
delivered to you on auto-pilot.

Easily create a Recurring Order by adding products to your RECURRING-CART
(The black add-to-Recurring-Cart Button)


STOP or START your recurring order.
You can STOP, START or EDIT your Recurring Order at any time, it is fully under your control.

Why FitChef? 
We can guarantee that no one else put this much effort, attention and thought into creating great tasting real food, focusing on the details and ensuring that cooking methods and ingredients choices will benefit your body, mind, gut, focus, immune system and busy lifestyle. We have the highest nutrient-dense FVLN ratio's (* Fruit Veg Legumes Nuts + herbs, spices and other real whole foods).

Where is the Recurring Order Service available?
- Gauteng, Cape Town and Surrounds (Daily Delivery).
- KZN (Weekly Delivery).
- Eastern Cape  (Monthly Delivery frequency only).

Split Orders
Recurring Orders don't support Split Orders because it's more effective to create a shorter delivery frequency like Bi-monthly or Weekly Delivery (in GP, CT, KZN only). We suggest reducing the monthly order quantity (to half or a quarter and increasing the delivery frequency to Bi-monthly or Weekly). Ask us to help!

Setup your Recurring Order
1.  Create a FitChef account
 (if you don’t have one click here to register>)

 2.  Follow our setup wizard to guide you through the process:
Click the “Create my recurring order” button below or click here>

NEED HELP?: email [email protected]
WhatsApp Chat 081 351 6497

Create my recurring order

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