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Our EatClean Ethos means we’re obsessed with real, whole food ingredients and giving you food as close to natures version as possible. You want to make sure you’re actually eating food not a science experiment, which is why there’s no preservatives, additives, highly refined ingredients, no artificial or man-made chemicals. No artificial sweeteners or added sugar (apart from the limited occasional use of honey or coconut sugar). Meats are growth hormone and routine antibiotic free. Most meals are wheat and gluten free.

The search for clean energy (for humans)
The world is obsessed with energy and new fuel sources that save the earth and humanity at the same time. The same goes for human fuel… our food. We definitely need good food, clean food that serves the planet and saves us from the current state of dis-ease (i.e. lifestyle diseases)

It’s the 21st century, we have AI, self-driving cars, solar power, a Tesla in space but we really haven’t figured out eating yet. Have you noticed that food seems to be making people sick? We have a habit of sacrificing quality for convenience with fast food and pie shops. Most modern food is made for profit not for health, so you will need a strategy to ensure you have good quality food available conveniently… setup a Recurring Order with FitChef and never struggle with food again.

It’s time for us to work with nature, trust the solution that nature provided…. move to clean food energy sources, whole food, real food. #EatClean

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