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Other Quotients: IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), AQ (Adversity), CQ (Curiosity), DQ (Decency)
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FitChef provides everything you need to live a healthy convenient lifestyle, with a wide range of meals, smoothies, juices, shooters, snacks and breakfast options based on the EatClean Ethos. Healthy food meets soul food!

Either order a complete challenge kit or select your own products. Our famous 21-day challenge kits are the most popular and easiest ways to kickstart your journey. No fads, no fuss, just good food to positively change your life.

Store everything in your freezer, defrost, or heat and eat. Ultimate convenience… with no wastage, no fuss and no confusion about what to eat.

Order online, we deliver to work or home, or collect from our offices. We deliver to most major cities. In retail, you can find us in selected Dis-Chem, Sasol, Spar, Chrome and many other stores.

All diets fail for one main reason, because you don’t have good food available right now, so you eat high carb, refined, sugary junk instead and derail all your goals. Life will always be extremely busy, healthy food is hard to find and it’s time-consuming to make… so plan ahead to ensure you’re always stocked up with healthy food in advance.

Make healthy eating a lifestyle by signing up for our convenient Recurring Order service and get rewarded with great loyalty discounts. 

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