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FitChef's vision is to be the world’s leading REAL food solutions company.

We’ve put a lot of thought into our food, healthy eating and dieting. To avoid diet confusion just focus on eat REAL food with WHOLE FOOD ingredients. Our #EatClean ethos is very strict and you will certainly feel and notice the difference.

We supply ALL YOU NEED = Food + Smoothies + Meal Plan + Delivery. 
There are many options but our BEST RESULTS Kits are Famous and the BEST VALUE kits make it very extremely affordable to #EatClean. 

Gauteng / KZN / BLOEM / POTCH / CAPE TOWN & Surrounding Areas / PE / Witbank and more
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#EatClean Ethos
You are surrounded by man-made chemical and junk, so it’s good to know there is food without preservatives or man-made chemicals, no added or artificial sugars, quality grass fed meats without routine antibiotics or growth hormone. FitChef provides the most delicious healthy, nutrient dense, whole food in the most convenient way to create a lifestyle for busy people and families. Kick start your #LiveClean lifestyle today, your future self will thank you.

No Preservatives & Freezing
All our food and smoothies come frozen. Frozen food is by far the best way to preserve food naturally and is best for convenience, you can be eating an amazing meal in 3-5 mins.
Frozen food has a bad name, but it really is a case of good food in then good food out! We blast freeze our food to lock in all the goodness and flavour. We have done a LOT of work lately to ensure our food is always amazing.

If you have any dietary requirements or food allergies, please let us know in the notes/comments on checkout and we will only pack meals to your needs.

How to get started?
Order online, we deliver or you collect from our JHB or Cape Town Branch. We deliver in most major areas around the country. Clear your freezer, 1 shelf/drawer for every week of food and smoothies. We do support split deliveries in Gauteng and Cape Town if your freezer isn’t big enough.

FitChef Review

Ian Hall reviewed FitChef Food - Eating Concepts – 5 star
That's my first 21 day challenge complete with the second one in the freezer ready to go
6 kilo lost in first 21 days, great food great taste great service, provided you stick with it with no cheating you are guaranteed the result you want
I have a very sweet tooth and all my cravings for sugar are gone this re sets your taste buds long may it continue.


Info 1 Month Challenge - BEST RESULTS

R 4,299.00

Save: R 1,055.45 + Free Delivery

Info 1 Month Challenge - NO SMOOTHIES

R 3,646.30

Save: R 459.90 + Free Delivery

Info 1 Month Challenge - NO BREAKFAST

R 3,802.48

Save: R 513.62 + Free Delivery

Info 1 Month Challenge - LUXURY

R 5,230.62

Save: R 1,109.53 + Free Delivery

Info 1 Month Challenge - VEGETARIAN

R 4,396.75

Save: R 715.75 + Free Delivery

Info 1 Month Kit - COUPLES CHALLENGE (2 People)

R 8,398.00

Save: R 2,345.60 + Free Delivery

Info 1 Month Challenge - Chicken Protein Pack

R 4,584.70

Save: R 790.10 + Free Delivery

Info Monthly Pack - Luxury

R 4,064.44

Save: R 585.96 + Free Delivery

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