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21 Day Of Comfort Goodness

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No Meal Plan with this kitFitChef supports occasionally allowing yourself to indulge in foods not permitted on your daily diet, as a strategy to keep motivated to stick to your planned healthy diet most of the time. Enter FitChef’s new Plate Menu Range. The best food to conquer a craving is the food that you are craving, hence FitChef’s aim is to satisfy the tastebuds. The Plate Menu Range continues with FitChef’s #eatclean ethos of high quality, whole food that is free from flavourants, colourants, preservatives, and other additives. The meals in the Cravings range are adding more variety to your diet (with more meals in the pipeline) will also support you in the long term when on a restricted diet.

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Please note: The quantity and type of meals listed change on a daily basis based on availability. Your kit order may differ slightly.

Meals - (33)

Drinks - (18)

Snacks - (3)

Veggie Meals - (3)

Other - (7)

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