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Ruan Conradie
Personal Trainer


Hi, my name is Ruan Conradie. Co-Owner and Head Coach at Crossfit Two Rivers and I am ready to change your life (for the good!)

I like to invest my time and effort into each and every person that walks through the door, with my experience and knowledge you don't want to miss out.

CrossFit has been a part of my life for 7 Years now and clearly it has left its mark. 

I am a qualified CrossFit Level 1 and 2 coach and also have a PN (Personal Nutrition) Level 1 Coaching qualification too.

As an athlete, I have been the winner of multiple National titles such as: LMS Individual 2016 (Elite), LMS Team 2017 (Elite) and Clarens Winter Games 2018.  I have been a podium finisher on more events than we have mentioned.

The experience I bring to the table is immeasurable, along with my energy and unstoppable will to improve every day.

I look forward and is humbly excited to help everyone become their best selves.

Gender Male
Qualifications Crossfit Level 1 and 2 PN (Personal Nutrition) Level 1 Coaching qualification
Date of Birth 05/06/1995
Remote Traning Yes, I do at home or remote traning
Online Training Yes
Training for Men And Women
Website None
Specialities  Increased Strength Training  Cardio/Aerobic Fitness  Weight Loss Exercise  Firming and toning  Endurance training  Muscle Building  Familys  18-29 years old  30-39 years old  40-49 years old  50-59 years old  Beginners  Advanced  Weight loss  Nutrition
Sports  CrossFit  Cycling MTB  Pilates  Running Off-road  Running Road
CrossFit Two Rivers, Roodepoort
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