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Other Quotients: IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), AQ (Adversity), CQ (Curiosity), DQ (Decency)
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Blended for YOU!

If you're looking to put your own blender to use, start making smoothies at your home or work without the stress of running around finding the right ingredients. FitChef’s clean, nutrient-rich frozen luxury ready-to-blend smoothies make it easier to eat right on-the-go. Just add 200ml of water, milk or milk alternative or any additional super-foods or protein powder. It’s that easy peesy!

Whether you are trying to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet or simply trying to cool off with a healthy beverage, FitChef’s luxury smoothies are the perfect combo of health and deliciousness and are your quick win for a huge positive difference to your energy, weight loss, health, mental focus and gut health. Get FitChef’s pre-packed and ready-to-blend smoothies delivered to your door #DrinkClean.

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