Develop your FQ (Food Intelligence Quotient)

Other Quotients: IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), AQ (Adversity), CQ (Curiosity), DQ (Decency)
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Quick healthy shooters to instantly bring back some energy and a smile. Perfect on their own or a chaser.
The Hulk of shooters: Clean intelligent ingredients that deliver a solid punch when thrown back.

FitChef smoothies and immune-boosting shots are made from a variety of anti-oxidant rich fresh fruits like apple, banana, blueberries, strawberry, orange, and pineapple. FitChef smoothies are also fibre-filled as we blend all edible parts of the fruit and vegetables, like the skins, pips and seeds. The whole, fresh fruit is diced, chopped and blended with other natural ingredients to ensure our smoothies retain as much nutrition and fibre as possible - a double win for gut health.

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