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Other Quotients: IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), AQ (Adversity), CQ (Curiosity), DQ (Decency)
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Ready-to-drink smoothies – Whole food smoothies that are blended not juiced so you get the full fibre and all the raw benefits. We keep getting complemented on our great smoothie tastes. These Smoothies should be a major part of your healthy food routine. We also get a large portion of spinach from organic local farmers.

Ready-to-blend smoothies – Grab a ready-to-blend smoothie sachet, open it, pour out the frozen fruit, veg, nuts and superfoods into a blender, add water, milk or milk alternative or any additional ingredients. Blend and drink! Deliciously fun smoothie kits that offer convenience and flexibility.

Juices – cold pressed delicious juices without any additives, flavourants, no chemicals or artificial anything. A great way to get your nutrient boost.

Shooters – We have a fantastic range of 25ml ginger-based shots, with 3 variations containing other fruits and spice too. Awesome as a wake-me-up kick start or with hot water as a tea.

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