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Chantal Ferguson

Chantal’s true passion is making a difference people’s life by assisting them in achieving their personal and nutritional goals. To help all age levels to establish a balanced lifestyle through fitness, eating wholesome and healthy foods but most of all to experience their particular bests through living healthy and active lives and to truly find their inner strength and vitality each and every one contain within.

Gender Female
Qualifications Bsc Dietetics Certification in Personal Training CDE
Date of Birth 04/22/1988
Online Consulting Yes
Consulting for Men And Women
Specialities  Corporate Wellness  Diabetes Type 1 & 2 Management  Genetic Testing + Consulting (DNA)  Insulin Resistance Management  Overweight And Obesity  Sports & Performance Nutrition  Sustainable Diets  Weight Loss
Personal Training

Sports  BJJ Brazilian Jiu jitsu  Functional Training  Hiit High Intensity Interval Training  Hiking  Martial Arts/Karate/KungFu  MMA  OCR Obstacle Course Racing
Heidelberg, Heidelberg - GP
South Africa,
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