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Sarah Wildy

I am a registered Dietician who is committed to guiding and educating my clients to achieve their personal health and nutritional goals. I have been in private practice for more than 15 years.  My special interests in the field of nutrition include lifestyle diseases; healthy fat-loss; the relationship between food and mood; sports nutrition for the “weekend warrior”; and the field of nutrigenomics- how nutrition can affect one’s genes.  I am a mom to two teens and I lead an active lifestyle either running or cycling. I understand the difficulty of leading a balanced lifestyle, and so my approach to diet planning is to keep it simple and effective. After all, small changes can lead to great outcomes.

Gender Female
Qualifications BSc Dietetics, PostGrad Dip Dietetics
Date of Birth 14/02/1977
Online Consulting Yes
Consulting for Men And Women
Specialities  Adolescent Nutrition  Autoimmune Diseases  Childhood Obesity  Chronic Illness Management  Consulting  Diabetes Type 1 & 2 Management  Dyslipidaemia Management (Ldl & Hdl Cholesterol Management)  Eating Disorders  Genetic Testing + Consulting (DNA)  Genetic Testing (Epigenetic Consulting)  Gut Health Testing And Consulting  Gut Health Management  Heart Health (e.g. Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis, Heart Attacks, Stroke)  Hypertension Management  IBS Management  Insulin Resistance Management  Kidney Disease  Liver Disease  Meal Plan Development  Media Articles & Blog Posts  Nutrigenomics  Overweight And Obesity  PCOS Management  Plant-Based Nutrition  Pre And Post Natal Health (Includes Pcos, Pregnancy And Fertility)  Preconception Nutrition  Pregnancy Nutrition  Renal Disease  Sports & Performance Nutrition  Sustainable Diets  Weight Loss
Sports  Cycling Road  Cycling Spinning or Indoor  EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation)  Hiit High Intensity Interval Training  Hiking  Running Off-road  Running Road  Walking
Bryanston, Sandton
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