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Family Meals - New Meals

Good food and family go together like FitChef and clean eating! And good food tastes even better when you eat as a family.
FitChef Family meals, bulked up with a side salad or one of the new FitChef Vegetable boxes and packs, are the perfect accompanied to family mealtimes.

FitChef aims to be the world’s lead REAL food solutions company. This is a huge ambitious goal! We follow the #EatClean Ethos which means we create REAL food with no preservatives, no additives, no added sugars or artificial sugars, no man-made chemicals, no table salt but only inlands sources of unpolluted natural salt and all meats are free of routine antibiotic and growth hormone. The food and smoothies are high in natural fibre.

We aim for low/lower carb meals, but we believe the focus should be on quality carbs (from veggies). We use old fashion cooking techniques to slowly thicken sauces, using ingredients you recognise, we aim to use wholefood as close to natures state as possible. Not only do we have higher food quality standards than others you are getting really amazing tasting food that makes it more convenient to eat healthy food and avoid junk.

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