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Start the day with a meal that is high in fibre from whole grains and protein from eggs, dairy or legumes. Adding heart-healthy fats like avocado or nuts will help keep you fuller for even longer. Make breakfast one less thing on your to-do list. FitChef is your one-stop shop for a range of healthy breakfast ideas.

In a large study of almost 400 000 participants, researchers showed fibre from cereal grains, on average, decreased the risk of death, from heart disease and cancer by 20%. Our Toasted Wheat Flakes serve up a hearty dose of fibre to start your morning. Top with milk or yoghurt, or use to make homemade bran muffins to serve with cheese.

  • Keep it quick and easy. Once defrosted, serve Luxury Rolled Oats with Cranberries, Cashew and Apple Cinnamon, adding a bit of hot water for your preferred smoothness. 
  • Blend anti-oxidant rich frozen berries (from our Fruit Aisle) with yoghurt and/or milk to make an on-the-go smoothie. Add a sprinkle of FitChef nuts or trail mix for added crunch.
  • Top a slice of our sourdough toast (from our bakery aisle) with cheese (from our dairy aisle), or if you’re going vegan add a spread of hummus or smashed avo (from our fruit aisle).

Why does FitChef food make all the difference?

  • Firstly, ingredient choice is critical, we’re just more obsessed with real food ingredients than others (Please compare our ingredient labels, this wasn’t an easy achievement).
  • Secondly, our food doesn’t have fake, refined and chemical additives (#EatClean).
  • Thirdly, if you had good food you would eat it and we’ve made healthy food more convenient than junk by supplying packages and Recurring Orders.

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