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Keto Challenge Kits

Moderate Low-Carb, High-Fibre, High-Ingredient-Variety, No Additives.

About Keto

Keto/Banting/LCHF eating styles are primarily based on eliminating added sugar and highly refined carbohydrates. It’s important to control the quantity and quality of carbs that you eat or drink. A large percentage of modern weight and medical conditions can be attributed to what we call “Carbohydrate Disease”, which stems from eating too many sweetened foods, junk foods, bread, refined flours, breakfast cereals, starchy foods, sweets and all soft drinks.  Our meal kits aim to provide you with around 50g of quality Net Carbs per day or less (Net Carbs = Total Carbs minus Fibre).

Many keto style diets restrict or eliminate many foods although there is a move towards moderation and allowing more of the food groups if the quantity is managed (e.g. the inclusion of smaller amounts of lentils, legumes and chickpeas).

The misconception around fats and oils. People think that keto is a license to add fats/oils to everything. That is not the aim, while there certainly are benefits to stave off hunger or improve focus rather be moderate and focus on getting real food into your body. Or experiment and find out what works for you. Our meals come with normal fat/oil levels so if you can add coconut oil or olive oil based on your personal requirements.

Moderate Keto

There are various forms of Keto (Low Carb <20g carb/day, Moderate <50g, Liberal <100g). Ours is a Moderate Keto Plan with up to 50g per day. From experience, we learn that moderation almost always beats extremism. We need to eat for nutrient density, oil is not nutrient dense and Keto is not a licence to eat as much meat protein as you want either. Keto diets keep evolving and a moderate, enjoyable, nutrient diverse and dense lifestyle is almost always better. We've seen phenomenal results with real FitChef food positively affecting health, weight management, focus and energy.

Go moderate keto for the long term!


It is very hard to live a successful keto lifestyle unless you plan ahead. Most products in shops will derail your success, you can’t expect to find food on the run. That’s why FitChef is the most convenient way to enable your keto lifestyle.

FitChef Keto

Low-Carb High-Fibre High-Variety 

FitChef is committed to producing food with high-quality ingredients, always closer to natures version (read our food labels, we have the cleanest ingredient lists you will ever find). Not only are we obsessed with real food ingredients with high fibre (to feed your good gut bacteria), we also avoid all man-made chemicals, additives, colourants, flavourants, added sugar or artificial sweeteners, meats are free range, routine antibiotic and hormone free (free range) and we have started the move towards synthetic pesticide-free produce. 

Everything you need

With FitChef you get everything you need: 3 meals/day for 6 days/week, a wide variety of meals and ingredients so you don’t get bored, plus a few additional snacks.

Why does FitChef food make all the difference? 

Firstly, ingredient choice is critical, we’re just more obsessed with real food ingredients than others (Please compare our ingredient labels, this wasn’t an easy achievement). Secondly, our food doesn’t have fake, refined and chemical additives (#EatClean). Thirdly, if you had good food you would eat it and we’ve made healthy food more convenient than junk by supplying packages and Recurring Orders.


  1. BEST RESULTS: Everything you need, 3 meals/day for 6 days/week (free-eating Sundays). This is the most popular package, so if you aren’t sure where to start then this a great choice!
  2. BUDGET: 2 meals + 1 smoothie/day/6-days/week (no breakfast).
  3. COUPLES (2 PEOPLE): Get 2 packages, a challenge is way easier with a partner (and you get better discounts). 

We deliver to work or home or collect from our Johannesburg or Cape Town offices. We deliver to most major cities around South Africa. We can split your order into 2 deliveries (For Gauteng and Cape Town only). Delivery takes 2 - 4 working days after payment has been received.

Split Orders
If you don't have enough freezer space (we suggest 1 shelf/week) then we do offer split delivery on larger kits/packages, only in Gauteng and Cape Town and surrounds. This means we will send you half your order now and the second half on the next convenient date.

Kit Changes
If you have special or personalised requirements; you can ask for this to be made to your kit in the delivery notes found on checkout and we will make the needed changes e.g. No pasta/wheat/gluten, no garlic, no dairy etc.)

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