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This 60-hour sourdough is not just bread, this is mastery in the shape of bread... REAL food old fashioned style made with excellence, long-fermented for your tastebud, crisp with a perfect mouthfeel and packed with nutrients and excellent for gut health and digestion. If you compare this loaf to commercial bread then 60-hour sourdough is the "Bugatti and commercial bread is a cheap tuk-tuk scooter".

The flour is not normal bleached GMO flour with additives... It is GMO-free, unbleached, high-quality flour.  Commercial bread has additives, this bread, NO ADDITIVES. Normal bread is 55 GL, this bread is 19 GL (super slow-release). Normal bread has sugar... this bread is sugar-free - all sugar is used up in the 60-hour fermentation process.

Modern bread has been hidden in your stomach rolls and it’s got a bad name (for good reasons). Move to real bread, real nutrition!

Why eat our Sourdough Bread?

  • Low GI
  • Low in Starch
  • Low fat
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Stone-ground bread flour
  • GMO-Free unbleached flour
  • 100% Natural Wheat
  • 100% Vegan
  • NO Preservatives or Additives
  • Energy of bread is delivered slowly to the body
  • Absorbed over a longer period of time
  • Improves Gut health
  • Whole or sliced artisan domed sourdough loaves:
  • Plain
  • Olive & Rosemary
  • School Loaf (Pre-sliced):
  • The game-changing school loaf
  • Happy kids
  • Kids lunches are sorted now and you can rest assured they will be satiated and nutritionally satisfied too (especially if you put quality good goodies between the slices).

The nutritional lie

A 21st-century problem is that most food is full of fake ingredients that make sense to big business but not to your health... 

Break up with commercial bread for good.

Commercial bread is made in about 1-hour (into the bag), each loaf of this sourdough takes 60-70 hours. That’s a whopping 7000% more effort per loaf of bread.  No wonder this 60-hour bread has no sugar (all used in the fermentation process), has a more complex slow-release carb that is classified as real Low GI with GL (Glycaemic Load of 19 at a 90g serving size)… that’s nothing short of incredible!

Gluten may not be your problem?

This 60-hour sourdough is considered suitable for Diabetics & gluten-sensitive people (with portion control and a dose of common sense for individual circumstances). 

Order and fall in love again!

It’s blast frozen straight out of the oven, kept whole or sliced so all you do is remove from freezer, defrost and toast/heat or air-fry and there you have it… the ultimate REAL bread experience. 

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