Our vision is to be the World’s leading REAL FOOD solutions company!
It’s clearly not a small vision and it hasn’t been an easy journey, but that’s why we believe we’re putting in more effort than anyone else to use whole-food ingredients, as close to natures high-fibre nutrient-dense package as possible, ingredients that you recognise and understand. We said healthy food not boring food… we’ve done a lot of work to ensure that healthy food tastes like soul food, all our recipes have been upgraded! Will you feel the difference? yes for sure!

Why is FitChef Better?
Our #EatClean Ethos sets us apart. You are surrounded by man-made concentrated chemicals and artificial everything. It’s good to know there is food available without preservatives, no man-made chemicals, no added or artificial sugars, quality grass-fed meats. FitChef provides the most delicious healthy, nutrient-dense, whole food in the most convenient way to create a performance lifestyle for busy people and families. You're one decision from a totally different life.

Getting started - options:
1. Kits provide all you need = food + smoothies + snacks + delivery/collection.
2. Select-your-own meals + smoothies + snacks
3. Sign up for loyalty club and get recurring orders and great discounts. Click Here

Delivery Zones:  
Gauteng / CAPE TOWN & Surrounding Areas / KZN / BLOEM / POTCH / PE-EL- GEORGE / Witbank /
Collection: JHB Randburg, Cape Town Salt River.
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First-timers FitChefers?
FitChef Kits are the perfect way to instantly kick-start your healthy lifestyle promises. We suggest starting with a 21-day or 1-month kit as you get everything you need. Or order your-own-selection but please do yourself a favour and get a range of smoothies too, especially the FGS (Fruity Green Smoothie) as it’s a crucial part of nutrient dense, fibre full eating. 95% of people end up loving FGS and wishing they had more. Smoothies are fantastic for kids lunch boxes too.

Loyalty Club
If you had good food you would eat good food, so put your healthy eating on autopilot, set up a Recurring Order and get instant access to Loyalty Club discounts as well. It really is a no brainer, you need good nutrition, we have the best food available, setup your Recurring Order… no excuses! Register an account and sign up for now >

Cost effective and time-saving
FitChef solves ALL your nutritional needs, we have the nutritional solution for your life. ONE decision can positively impact the state of your body, mind, energy, health and focus. We save you time (up to 30 hours/month) and money (many customers save up to R3000/month living a FitChef Lifestyle, compared to manually shopping, preparing, cooking, washing and buying food on the run). REPURPOSE your time effectively!

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