3 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

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What makes this package unique?

  • Amazing range and flavours.
  • 6 smoothies & 12 juices (various flavours).
  • Fresh lemon juice for your cleansing Lemon Tea.
  • Clear 1-2 shelves in your freezer.
  • The 3-Day Juice Cleanse -  if you are new to juicing. It is our classic and most popular cleanse for first-time juicers.
  • The Juice Cleanse is not too long but long enough to experience all the amazing benefits of “juicing”. 
  • During your juice cleanse you will be consuming a range of our fruit and vegetable juices and green smoothies.
  • We want to remind you that CONSISTENCY is KEY- yes, a 3-Day Juice cleanse will leave you feeling superb, but, the work does not end here- we urge you to sign up for a lifelong feeling of greatness, it's the one investment that you will never regret- investing in your health.
  • Best for First-time cleansers
  • Always listen to your body and respond accordingly and change if needed. We provide you with A LOT of liquid, if you find it is too much to consume in one day then feel free to save some juices to consume after your juice cleanse and it will surely prolong the "detox effect"!
  • "Eating" Guide will be emailed to you.


FitChef Kits General Information:-

What weight loss or health benefits can YOU expect in 21 days?

Weightloss Science
Find out what will work for you?

Avoid bad advice. Weightloss Explained >

EatClean Science 
See what makes our EatClean Range Ethos so effective.

See the EatClean Range Ethos >

Counting calories is useful as a guideline, but not all calories are equal.
When you eat FitChef nutrient-dense whole food, with loads of healthy fibre, you will feel full quickly and satisfied for longer.
As a calorie guideline, on average if you ate 3 x FitChef EatClean-Range meals + 2 Smoothies = 1200-1400 kcal/day.

Our amazing FitChef range of great-tasting food is made with this ethos:
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners (apart from the occasional use of honey or coconut sugar in treats).
  • #EatClean - No man-made chemicals, preservatives, flavourants, highly refined or artificial ingredients.
  • High-quality meats, and chicken cooked on the bone for maximum juiciness.
  • Gluten-free (apart from whole wheat pasta meals).
  • Focus on nutrient diversity (eat as many types of food as possible)
  • Focus on nutrient density (from roasting quality veggies, and sauces are not full of water, thickeners, flavourants and artificial additives)
  • We aim for the cleanest ingredients in the world. Read our labels and compare.
  • Up to 10x more whole food ingredients than anyone else.
About FitChef Kits/Packages:
  • All diets fail for one main reason: you don’t have enough quality food available right now, so you sacrifice quality and eat refined junk and derail your health and weight loss.
  • The more food you get from Thyme FitChef, the more likely you are to eat good food and reach your goals.
  • This kit is a complete solution… your future self will thank you!
  • Professional high-end hygienic kitchens (High ISO standards, not a fly-by-night catering kitchen)
  • Split delivery option available for some kits in some areas
  • Great for weight loss, health, performance, muscle gain and mental focus.  
  • Also great for maintenance diets
  • Super convenient pre-calculated nutritional collection
What weight loss or health benefits can I expect from this challenge?
  • You really can’t out-train a bad diet, food is the most important component of weight loss.
  • We do suggest that you add some exercise.
    It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise, but exercise does help you stay committed, feel better, and accelerate fat burn and muscle conditioning.
  • It’s important to realise that health is always the first goal, sometimes your body will need to heal first before losing weight

The results below are from our test group led by a Dietitian.
All participants got a 21-day kit (3 meals + 2 smoothies/day) and had body measurements, weight and blood tests before and after.

See the Male and Female group results below:


  • Weight Loss
    • Weight loss range: 2.4kg – 8.4kg
    • Average weight loss: 4.27kg
  • Body Fat % loss - Best: -3.99%
  • Waist – lost centimetres - Best: 9cm
  • Muscle gained - 1.3 - 1.7kgs
  • Blood test results before and after the 21-day challenge
    • Cholesterol Ratio (HDL/Total Cholesterol)
      • Average drop from 6.15 to 4.18 mmol/L
    • Metabolic age
      • Ave drop of 4.5 years in metabolic age
    • Triglycerides
      • 1.70 to 1.29 mmol/L Weight Loss


  • Weight Loss
    • Weight loss range: 2 kg – 5.1kg
    • Average weight loss: 3.42kg
  • Body Fat % loss - Best: -5.9%
  • Waist – lost centimetres - Best: 5cm
  • Muscle gained - 1.3 – 1.7kgs average
  • Blood test results before and after the 21-day challenge
    • Cholesterol Ratio (HDL/Total Cholesterol)
      • Average drop from 6.15 to 4.18 mmol/L
    • Metabolic age
      • Ave drop of 4.5 years in metabolic age
    • Triglycerides
      • 1.70 to 1.29 mmol/L

Can healthy food taste great?

Many people have the impression that healthy food tastes 'gross'...
because veggies are cooked badly by most people and strict bodybuilders often recommend boring tasteless and repetitive food
(i.e. think of steamed chicken and boiled green veg for months)

Welcome to the full-flavour Thyme FitChef Family... there is a 99% chance you’re going to love healthy food from now on.

Eat our food for a few days to really understand the flavours, how good you feel hours after a meal and that your taste buds do reset (You literally start to crave quality food)

Our nutrition range is a complete family of food that you could live on 100% of the time, giving you a wide variety of healthy ingredients. Some meals have simple flavours, some are rich, some spicy and others are creamy… there must be flavour variation. 

Will I be hungry (Portion Size)?
Thyme FitChef SINGLE portion meals are mostly around 350g (a few are 300g)... 350g is a generous portion when it comes to high-quality food. (Some meals come in a small 265g size)

Portion size is one of the most critical considerations when it comes to diet. In the first 3 days, your body and taste buds will adjust to whole food. Thyme FitChef food is tasty, nutrient-dense and full of whole food ingredients with a lot of fibre. If you’ve lived on large portions of high-carb sugary food you may feel hungry initially, but within 3-7 days you will feel satiated all the time and your taste buds will reset.

Remember that many cravings are fuelled by emotional stress that triggers your craving for sugar or refined carbs for a quick artificial fix. Don’t worry about being hungry, at any time you can simply add another Thyme FitChef smoothie or meal.

When you are eating real food, you don’t have to worry about counting the calories. Real food is automatically high in nutrients and fibre and low in calories.

What are the options (i.e. delivery, split, no gluten etc)?

  • Kit Changes: If you have special or personalised requirements you can ask for changes to be made to your kit (e.g. No pasta/wheat/gluten, no garlic, no dairy etc.)
  • Split Order: We can split your order into 2 deliveries (for some areas and only on bigger kits).

Delivery or Collection Options?

We deliver to your work or home.
See our delivery section and the areas: 

For Collection:

If your freezer is too small just remove the shelves or drawers and stack the food. Many clients have bought bigger chest freezers to live the Thyme FitChef Lifestyle. We strongly believe that once you experience the convenience and health benefits that high-quality frozen food brings to your life you will agree that frozen is the way to go.

Recurring Order?

Our staff can help you set up a Recurring Order, just contact us: 

Or if you are comfortable on a PC, then:
Click here to set up your Recurring Order

How do I order?

Order online and consider setting up a Recurring Order.
See our delivery areas here -

What are people saying about the challenge?

  • "Surprised by the flavourful food - each meal tasty. I was expecting dull, tasteless 'diet' meals; however, I am pleasantly surprised! On the 21 Day challenge and two weeks down, I can already feel the difference. Even my sweet tooth is satisfied with the great smoothies and choc muffins! Quality, awesome meals with great taste and convenience."
  • Great value for money and delicious food and beverages! I love the ginger, lemon, pineapple refresher and my favourite meal (so far) is the beef pesto, bunless burger. Apart from the food being so tasty, it's soooo convenient which is great for a lazy cook like myself “
  • When will people realise, if you feed a giraffe hay with "acacia tree flavourant", the poor thing will die! Humans are the same, you know... If we get food (not flavourants, not genetically modified aberrations or quick-grow crap), our bodies are provided with everything they need to combat disease and ills.”
  • What started as a 21-day challenge has become a lot more. I have battled with my weight all my life and have tried every diet. By using FitChef’s lunch package and drinking the smoothies I have lost 8 kg in a month. I have just ordered my 2nd consignment. Not only that, but friends and family are now on it too. With most diets, you seem to spend all day thinking about food. Either because you are hungry and feel deprived or because you are having to worry about weighing your food and eating the correct combinations. Fitchef does it all for you! I still can't believe how this is working!! Thank you FitChef!

What other kits are available?

If it’s your first time on FitChef or if you need a change NOW then go for one of the 21 Day

Other kits are - 

  • Small portion kits
  • XL kits. Kits with extra meals and smoothies for larger, hungrier or more active people
  • Sports Performance Kits for high-end performance
  • Intermittent Fasting Kits
  • Lunch@work
  • Vegetarian
  • Thyme-only Kits (Popular recipes cooked healthier)
  • FitChef-only (healthiest option)
  • Thyme + FitChef (a balanced mix of popular and healthy meals)
  • and many more...

You can find other kits here-

What do I do after I finish?

You are certainly going to see results and feel better, but life is going to get busy and you will probably end up falling off the wagon again if you don’t plan ahead. So rather continue your convenient healthy lifestyle by signing up for a Recurring Order (Our staff can help you).
 Click here to set up your Recurring Order -

This is the most convenient automated healthy lifestyle option around.       

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