14-Day (ALL MEAL) ULTIMATE Health Kit (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner+Smoothie)

Meat Meals:24, Veggie Meals:6, Other:6, Drinks:12
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What makes this package unique?

  • 2-weeks of nutrition (36 meals, 12 smoothies)
  • 6-days/week (Sunday is a free-eating day)
  • 3 x meals/day (Breakfast*, Lunch & Dinner)
    *Breakfast = 6 Luxury Oats + 6 Vegetarian Meals
  • 1 x health smoothie/day (Snack)

We are focused on nutrient density, ingredient diversity and quality fibre for ultimate health and weight loss.

Bigger portions (350g), bolder flavours, incredible ingredient selection #EatClean. 

This is SA's most exciting, BEST tasting, Delicious HEALTHY meal service option.

Let's be honest, it is unlikely that you can make cheaper healthy food at home, you'll end up spending way more on ingredients and keep falling off the wagon and throwing so many things you meant to cook away... life gets busy.

Healthy food, full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and all the good things you need to thrive, does cost more than highly processed additive-laced foods.

Thyme FitChef's SPECIAL EDITION KIT is the food revolution you've been waiting for...

We provide incredible "normal" food but are made better with our EatClean Real ingredients only. Bolder flavours, rich nutrient density, higher in vitamins and minerals, gut health boosting with a variety of real food fibre, using new cooking techniques perfected and ready to create sustainable health for you and your family, every day.

  • High-quality food, High-end health benefits, Bold flavours, High enjoyment levels (not bland diet food), Bigger portions, and higher protein levels. 
  • Amazing range and flavours
  • New chicken cooking technique for that roasted chicken flavour (Cooked the healthy way)
  • The Perfect Weight-loss & Health Kit package is filled with all the goodness and nutrition you would expect from whole food.
  • Clear 1 shelf in your freezer.

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Please note: The quantity and type of meals listed change on a daily basis based on availability. Your kit order may differ slightly.

Meat Meals - (24)

Veggie Meals - (6)

Other - (6)

Drinks - (12)

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