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Mediterranean Chicken with Olives, Feta & Tomato


Enjoy the satisfying Mediterranean flavours of Kalamata and green olive tomato herb sauce, with tender free-range chicken breast and brown rice with a generous topping of crumbled feta to finish this feast.

Chicken: As you would expect with FitChef, we only use free-range chicken breast. Hormone, steroid and routine antibiotic-free. 

Brown Rice: We always choose the better more natural version of whole food with more fibre (fibre is critical for health and gut health). That’s why we chose brown. It has double the fibre and way more nutrients than white rice. Every detail makes a huge difference to your health and white rice is missing out on a lot of the goodness.

Protein: A proper serving with 38g of quality real protein from chicken breast, feta, rice and our media sauce.

Quality Oils: High quality unsaturated olive oils reduce inflammation and promote health (unlike seed oils that

increase inflammation. Olive oil is a superfood).

What FitChef does NOT put in this meal?

Normally commercial meals like this would include cheaper processed seed oils (which cause unwanted inflammation). To make the sauce cheaper to produce, and higher in refined carbs, it is usually made with a thickener (this is a refined starch/flour) which thickens the sauce quickly so it doesn't need good old fashioned reducing (where the real rich flavours come from). Normally emulsifiers are used too so that the sauce doesn't split back into water or oil layers, but emulsifiers are often bad for your gut health (which is the largest part of your immune system and produces important hormones. We must protect your gut health). Usually added sugar (which affects your blood sugar and all-important insulin control), colourants and artificial flavours are added so you are not even getting real antioxidants for the colour, we don't do that... FitChef is a real food company and we even specify that we use natural inland salts to maximise every ingredient. With our EatClean Ethos, you won’t find man-made chemical preservatives, colourants, additives, or other highly refined ingredients in our strictest EatClean Range.

 Milk (Dairy), None

Made in a kitchen with eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy & soya

Typical Nutritional Information
  Per 300g Per 100g
Energy (kJ)
Energy (kcal)
Protein (g) 38.1 12.7
Glycaemic Carbohydrates (g)
of which total sugar (g)
Dietary fibre* (g)
of which saturated fat (g)
Total Sodium (mg) 942 314

Nutritional information refers to the product as packed/sold.

Black pepper, Extra virgin olive oil , Basil, Marjoram, Olive, Parsley, Potato starch, Thyme, Tomato, Feta cheese, Free-range chicken, Brown rice, Sundried tomatoes

Storing Instructions

Defrost meal in fridge for best results, Keep refrigerated. Eat meals within 2 days of defrosting.

Heating Instructions

Best Results:

Hot Tray: Place meal on hot tray. Frozen meal: 25-30 mins, defrosted meal 20 mins. Turn hot tray off afterwards.

Oven: Remove from packaging and place meal into oven proof container. 180 degree Celsius for 25-30 mins.

Frying Pan: Heat defrosted meal in pan.


Microwave: Once defrosted, open film, heat for 2 mins on high, stir to thicken sauces. If frozen heat for 4 mins on high. Microwave heating will always soften food, while it is convenient other heating methods will produce better results.

Freezing Instructions

Keep all meals frozen in your freezer for up to 3 months. Defrost in your fridge overnight for best results. Stir any sauces to thicken.

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