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Dietitian Consults (2 x 30 minutes)

FitChef Online Dietitian Services  “Everyone should be seeing a dietitian, certainly more often than a dentist or doctor”. After all, your diet affects everything from your immune system, health, focus, memory, energy levels, anxiety, teeth and jaw health, emotions, anxiety & sleep quality… this is more important than anything else.  
In addition to discussing the health risk of obesity, our registered dietitians work with patients to create personalized health plans as they explore options of your choice i.e your health/medical conditions, kids nutrition, falling pregnant, nutrition during pregnancy/ post-pregnancy and babies nutrition, sports nutrition (IronMan, CrossFit, Endurance & sports nutrition), fussy eaters, stressful times, genetic needs and way more.  
The plans may include weight loss goals and ways to achieve them, as well as counselling to check in on progress and roadblocks. 
Simply add the Dietitian Consultation item to your cart and check out.  
A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to a calendar where you can select the most convenient time to have the 100% confidential consultation with your dietitian. 
*The dietitian consultations may be claimed from your medical aid.  

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