Few people realise that almost all commercial nutrition is artificial, refined & sweetened. Not FitChef!
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Meat Pack (Lockdown Special) (Was R900 Now R799) Rump Mince Boerie Burgers Biltong, Chicken Breast

R 799.00

Out Of Stock

Only the best for our Amazing FitChef customers – Our meat is grass-fed, free of hormones and routine antibiotics.

You’ll taste the difference!

4 x 200g Rump Steak

1 x 1Kg Chicken Breast Fillets

1 x 1Kg Beef Mince

1 x 1Kg Boerewors

4 x 150g Gourmet Burger Patties

1 x 40g FitChef Beef Biltong Sticks

1 x 40g FitChef Beef Biltong Slices

Grass-fed, Free-range, Routine Antibiotic and Hormone-free

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