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Prime Self - Keto Creamer (Dairy-Free)

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Keto Creamer is a convenient and dairy-free source of sustainable energy that not only boosts mental clarity, suppresses appetite, increases energy metabolism but improves digestion and digestive health with added Acacia Fiber and L-Theanine. Simply add to coffee, smoothies or shakes and enjoy!

  • Ketogenic Fuel & Carbohydrate-Free Source of Energy
  • Boosts Cognitive Functioning 
  • Boost Metabolism and Energy Output
  • Sustained energy levels, without crashes
Keto Creamer is dairy, sugar and additive-free. Making this the perfect addition to your morning coffee or shake for a quick boost in energy, health & vitality. FEATURES
  • 7g's of MCTs Per Serving
  • Contains L-Theanine for Mental Clarity 
  • Contains Added Digestive Fibers for Gut Health
  • 100% Non-GMO, Gluten, Preservative, Additive, and Chemical Free
  • Mixes Easily in Hot or Cold Beverages
  • 60% Caprylic Acid (C8) & 40% Capric Acid (C10)
Simply put, Nootropic is a substance, which supports key brain functions and health including focus, clarity, memory and improved cognition.FUNCTIONALLY DOSED
Prime Self has a strict 'no proprietary blend' policy. This means total label transparency. Showing you exactly what and how much you're getting from our products. HOW TO USE
SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, mix two (2) scoops with 300ml water or beverage of choice, as needed or as recommended by a healthcare professional.Keto Creamer works great in coffees, shakes and smoothies for ketogenic good-ness!

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