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Vegetarian - Red Kidney Bean Goulash with Pumpkin & Spinach


R 69.50

Our red kidney bean goulash is stew style dish that originated from Hungary, our vegetarian remix is made in a thick tomato and red pepper sauce with mushrooms and carrots served with a roast *pumpkin and **spinach side.*pumpkin: has half the carbs of butternut. A great lower carb alternative.**spinach: one of the highest natural sources of fibre. #fibreIsKing#popeyeWasRightFitChef EatClean Range only uses nature’s ingredients. With our EatClean Ethos, you won’t find man-made chemical preservatives, colourants, additives, or other highly refined ingredients in our strictest EatClean Range. Most importantly, we don’t add sugars, whether artificial or concentrated. We use nature’s whole-food ingredients so that our meals are, generally, low-carb and high in fibre. Our meat is sourced from grass-fed/free-range farms and is free of routine antibiotics and growth hormones.

 Lupin (Bean/Legume)

Made in a kitchen with eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy & soya

Typical Nutritional Information
  Per 300g Per 100g
Energy (kJ)
Energy (kcal)
Protein (g) 13.0 4.3
Glycaemic Carbohydrates (g)
of which total sugar (g)
Dietary fibre* (g)
of which saturated fat (g)
Total Sodium (mg) 885 295

Nutritional information refers to the product as packed/sold.

Black pepper, Carrots, Coriander, Dried red chilli flakes, Extra virgin olive oil , Green pepper, Himalayan salt, Mushrooms , Onion, Oregano, Plum tomatoes, Pumpkin, Red kidney beans, Red pepper, Spinach, Tapioca , Yellow pepper

FVLN (Fruit Veg Legumes Nuts)
FVLN Cooked Weight (per 100g) 95
FVLN Dried Weight (per 100g) 2.7
FVLN Other Ingredients (per 100g) 5
FVLN Notes Non -FLVN is: water, extra virgin olive oil.

Storing Instructions

Keep frozen (-18°C) until best before date, eat within 3 days of defrosting.

Heating Instructions

Heating: For best results defrost in fridge overnight.

Microwave (defrosted): Pierce film. Heat for 2-3 mins.

Microwave (frozen): Pierce film. Heat for 4-5 mins.

Oven: Preheat oven to 180°C. Place food into ovenproof container for 15-20 mins. Tip: Stir Often.

Freezing Instructions

Keep frozen (-18°C) until best before date, eat within 3 days of defrosting.

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